Coach Phillips Chat Archive

Live chat with the recruiting coordinator/wide receivers coach took place on June 1

CatOnRockyTop : Where does the recruiting stand this year as compared to the summer of 2003?
Joker Phillips : We're way ahead of where we were last year. Our plan is in place. We've actually evaluated more players this year than we did last year.

Shannon : What do you think about Wr Sean Murphy
Joker Phillips : Sean is progressing right on schedule. Injury has slowed him down this spring. Hopefully he'll have a good summer.

Blake Hopkins : which receiver do you think will have the biggest impact on kentuckys offense
Joker Phillips : Keenan Burton has the ability to be a big play guy for us.

Ty : Have you ever heard about David Jones
Joker Phillips : Yes, we are recruiting him. Because of NCAA rules, that's all I can say.

chris carter : Coach Phillips, this spring who in your opinion is the most improved wide receiver on the WR core?
Joker Phillips : Gerad Parker. He's a guy that can go in and play a number of different positions for us. He was probably the most consistent and most knowledgable guy in our offense.

flowboy : coach, i would just like to know how fun it is to watch keenon burton in practice and do you think that he is one of the best young receivers in the sec?
Joker Phillips : It's a lot of fun. Not only is he a good player, but he has Derek Abney-like work ethics on and off the field.

Adam Jackson : What side of the ball do you feel it is the most important to increase UK's overall athletic ability in order to not only compete in the SEC, but to win reguraly?
Joker Phillips : Both sides of the ball in the skill positions - running back, WRs, defensive backs. This will allow us to be better even on special teams.

Brian from Owensboro : Hey Coach, thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to chat with Big Blue Fans. And thanks for coming home to Kentucky! My question is: is it difficult for you to juggle being the WR coach and the recruiting coordinator? How do you manage your time? Oh, and BEAT LOUISVILLE!
Joker Phillips : It's difficult. The difficult part was getting a plan in place. Now that the plan is in place, it's much easier. Rita Griffith helps me out a lot and the assistant coaches and Coach Brooks do a great job of taking care of their recruiting areas.

ukfan02 : Hey coach. You've done an awesome job recruiting. What's your favorite aspect of being back at uk?
Joker Phillips : Being back with family and friends and UK fans and being familiar with the surroundings - which makes Kentucky and easy sell for me.

April : While recruiting Little (RB from T.L. Hanna High School in SC) did you happen to encounter Radio (from the movie Radio), if so what was that experience like? Thanks Coach.
Joker Phillips : Yeah, I got to meet him. It was a great experience. He is a family friend of Rafael and grew up in the same neighborhood.

Getta : What is the best way to get recruited if you are from a small division school
Joker Phillips : Send mailers out to schools you might be interested in. They would include video, transcript and stats.

DubyaT : Hats off Coach Phillips to the tremendous job you have done thus far in bringing talented players into the program. Could you please give us a rough rundown on how many players the staff would like to sign at each position in the 2005 recruiting class? Thanks.
Joker Phillips : We have put a number on each position, but we will not pass up a great player. In the offense, 4 offensive linemen, 1 wide receiver, 2 running backs, 1 tight end and 2 quarterbacks. On the defensive side, we're looking at 3 to 4 defensive linemen, 3 linebackers and 3 or 4 defensive backs. Remember, this is just an estimate and it could change. We won't pass up on a great player.

Jermaine Watkins : Can you tell us what wideouts will be back next year for the Cats' next season?
Joker Phillips : Glenn Holt, Keenan Burton, Scott Mitchell, John Logan, Jacob Tamme, Gerad Parker, DeMarcus Wood, Johnny Knight, Sean Murphy, Eric Sears. Tommy Cook is injured and will miss some or all of the season.

jim : How many freshmen will get a chance to play at WR?
Joker Phillips : We've signed two freshmen - Lonnell Dewalt and Dicky Lyons - both will be given an opportunity to contribute.

Jim : What are the biggest holes that you are trying to fill, with the next recruiting class?
Joker Phillips : Our biggest holes will be at offensive line and quarterback. That's the reason we feel like we have to recruit four offensive linemen and two quarterbacks.

erin : i was wondering if yall signed any linemen from florida
Joker Phillips : Yes, we signed Kane Hannaford, out of Palmetto, Florida who played for Palmetto High. He's a mammoth of a man - 6'6", 340 lbs.

jim : Do you guys ever discover an unknown talent at the football camps?
Joker Phillips : Yes. Obviously a player can get noticed at our camps since they work with our coaches. : Thanks again to Coach Phillips for answering these questions. He's afraid he wasn't able to answer all of them but enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the fans. Thursday at noon, we will be joined by Coach Hudson.
Joker Phillips : I've really enjoyed being back in Kentucky. The fan support has been unbelievable. I have a burning desire to see this program succeed. I appreciate what the fans do to help make that possible. I look forward to seeing you all at Commonwealth Stadium this fall. Go Cats!