Coach Jimmy Heggins Live Chat Transcript

  • Bcat : Your offensive line battled with the defensive line during the spring. This gives you a unique perspective as to the defensive lines improvement. How do you feel about our defensive line going into the fall.
    Jimmy Heggins : I thought our defensive line made great improvements this spring. They were a lot quicker off the football, had more instincts and made plays.

    Donnie : Will you use Garry Williams at guard or tackle this year?
    Jimmy Heggins : He'll be used at left tackle to start off with.

    Brad : Do you expect Gonzalez to challenge strongly for the back up role at center? Where is he in his development?
    Jimmy Heggins : Yes, we are expecting Jorge to compete for that backup position. He showed some positive things this spring but is not quite there yet.

    Logan : Hey coach. how are we looking at the center position?
    Jimmy Heggins : We're looking a lot better with Matt McCutchan coming back and Jorge Gonzalez coming along. Also Travis Slaydon has made progress. We're trying to get Trai Williams accustomed to playing center in case we need him there. We should be much better at that position in the fall.

    troy in ky : will the o-line be aggressive and mean.
    Jimmy Heggins : That's one of the things we're trying to instill in them. That was a big emphasis during the spring. We're looking forward to fall camp when we can get all of our linemen on the field at the same time. We had several players sit out the spring because of injuries.

    Chris Daniels : Coach Heggins, could you give an update on the rehab of Fatu's knee and your opinion of how he fits into the 2006 OL equation? Thanks.
    Jimmy Heggins : His rehab is going really well and should be ready to go this fall and should be competing for the starting left guard position.

    Drew : What are your expectations from the team this year?
    Jimmy Heggins : One of the things we're expecting is to be a lot better than we were last year and obviously to show improvement with the experience that we have coming back.

    Droops : Thanks for stopping by Coach Heggins. I'll post a couple of questions and give the option of answering all, or just one. Either is fine. Are you expecting Hayden Lane to start at RT this Fall? Or would a player that was injured during the Spring practices have a shot at the position? How close is Jorge Gonzalez to being a solid and dependable backup? And will he be able to step up in 2007 as a starter? Will Micah Jones be on the team in the Fall, or are his academic problems too serious to let him play? Thanks coach!
    Jimmy Heggins : Hayden will be competing with Zach Hennis and James Alexander for the starting job. Any player that was injured during the spring will have the opportunity to start if they beat somebody out - Matt McCutchan would be an example. The important thing for Jorge is to have a good off-season by improving his strength and getting his weight under control. It was his first spring and he still has a lot of things to learn to play that position.

    Brian from Owensboro : Good morning coach. What characteristics do you look for the most when recruiting o-linemen? Also, will Micah Jones be healthy when practice starts this fall? Go Big Blue!!!
    Jimmy Heggins : We're looking for dependability - not only on the football field but in the classroom. We're looking for size, if they can move their feet and bend their knees. Micah is healthy for the fall.

    aaron : how does the o-line compare to last year?
    Jimmy Heggins : We have everyone back from last year so hopefully that experiece will make us better.

    aaron : i saw zach hennis at the blue/white game.he is huge and seemed to hold of defenders well will he get any playing time?
    Jimmy Heggins : Zach has made great strides but needs to keep coming along. Hopefully we'll get a chance to get him in the rotation depending on fall camp.

    aaron : you have a great backfield and we could run block last year but will we inprove the pass blocking to give pulley or woodson time to get rid of the ball?
    Jimmy Heggins : It's one of the things we're working on as far as trying to protect and working on timing.

    aaron : will turituri be back for the fall and if so will he start?
    Jimmy Heggins : Yes he'll be back but he'll be competing with some other guys for the starting position at left guard.

    Don Stuber : Will we have greater strength, depth, & experience than last year?
    Jimmy Heggins : We have everyone coming back and that all will be determined on how well they do in the weight room and how much they want to push themselves this summer getting in shape. The depth should be deeper.

    Out of state fan : How does this years o-line stack up with some of the other o-lines of the SEC?
    Jimmy Heggins : Currently I think we are making strides to catch up with them but we aren't quite there yet.

    Zach in AL : Where is Aaron Miller in the depth chart, and how is progressing now that he is back on the team?
    Jimmy Heggins : Right now Aaron is running with the first team. He's making good strides on the field. We need to get his academics taken care of.