Ron Caragher Live Chat Archive

  • Live chat took place May 26

    aaron from georgia : do you think that rafael little can be a top sec back?
    Ron Caragher : Yes. Rafael Little had a terrific spring. Unlike any college running back I've been around, Rafael stayed healthy the entire spring and took a majority of the reps. He has the strength and physical conditioning to have an outstanding season.

    Joe C. : Do you think that the running game will finally get going this year? Also, how is recruiting going? Is UK getting a better reception now that the probation is over? Thanks coach and good luck this year.
    Ron Caragher : Joe, I'm excited about the running back corps. We have some talented young men in our backfield. I'm hoping that this will be the year that the running game will take off. Recruiting is going well. We are excited about our incoming freshman class and feel that many of them will help us out right away. We're all glad that the p-word is behind us. We're building a foundation to overcome the loss of scholarships and are excited about the future.

    Blake Napier : Do u think Arliss Beach will have a more signifigant role in this years offense.
    Ron Caragher : Arliss had a very good spring. He has improved dramatically as a football player in the last two seasons. Arliss is a versatile back who can help us in many ways. He is a strong runner, has good speed, catches the ball well and pass protects also. As to how much playing time he gets will be determined in the fall and as the season goes on.

    Jack Sunderland : What do you expect to see from our backs this coming season. Are they looking stronger and bigger
    Ron Caragher : All the running backs are bigger, faster, stronger and much more experienced than a year ago. I think they are excited for the season to begin and are expecting to have a successful one.

    G. Fan : How's your golf game?
    Ron Caragher : My golf game has a LOOOOOOONG way to go. I will mention that I was fortunate upon returning from spring recruiting to play on the Big Blue Caravan in Union, Ky. on Monday and London, Ky. on Tuesday. Being the optimist that I am and focusing on the positive, I am proud to say that I improved by only losing four balls on Tuesday as opposed to eight balls on Monday - Focus on the positive!

    catfan1967 : Hello coach,my question is,out of all the football teams you have been a part of,how do you see the building process going with this team.One other comment Id like to make,is I hope the coaches are STRESSING fundamentals,for it has been overly appearant that they are lacking.Thank you for your time.GO CATS!!
    Ron Caragher : This offseason the offensive staff has made a big emphasis stressing fundamentals, i.e., ball security, pad level, ball skills (receiving), striking a defender, sustaining a block. We feel that the game breaks down to fundamentals and those are the building blocks for success. Further, during spring drills, we spent several periods making an emphasis on these fundamentals. As far as the building process of this program, I believe we're on the right track. For example, at UCLA we took our lumps early on when the majority of our players were underclassmen (1st & 2nd year players). Once those player became upperclassmen, our program took to the next level, i.e., two conference championships and bowl games. Here at UK, as our team matures and gains valuable experience as it has the past two seasons, I expect success to be just around the corner.

    TigerCat : What position among H.S. seniors-to-be is UK recruiting the hardest?
    Ron Caragher : A good program at this level has depth at all positions. Therefore, in recruiting, we will recruit all positions as well. Some say that competition brings out the best in all of us. Our goal is to have great competition on the practice field so that our players rise to their highest level and highest potential and carries over such play to the games. Therefore, it is pertinant to recruit top-notch student-athletes at all positions. : Thanks to Coach Caragher for taking the time to answer questions today. Next week we will be joined by Coach Jimmy Heggins.
    Ron Caragher : Thanks for your interest in UK football. My family and I are enjoying Lexington and are excited to be a part of this great University. We are looking forward to the upcoming season. See you in the fall!