Coach Kurt Roper Live Chat Archive

  • Live chat took place May 19

    Mike : How good can Andre' Woodson be compared to other quarterbacks you've coached or when he's compared to Brian Brohm?
    Kurt Roper : I think Andre physically is comparable to Eli Manning, so he has a chance to be really good. He just needs to gain experience and maturity.

    candace tuggle : how do you.think the football team.will do this year.good luck
    Kurt Roper : I think we have a chance to be very competitive. There are players in place that can win in the SEC, we just have to stay healthy.

    Ed T : Has Joe Joe Brown had arm trouble which affects his throwing ability? Is he just behind the curve learning the intricacies of being a Div 1 QB?
    Kurt Roper : I think Joe Joe had some arm problems when he got here in the fall, but nothing that lingered in the spring. I think he needs to get stronger and just keep developing mentally, but he has a ways to go.

    HeHateMe : Coach, I was fortunate enough to hear you speak at the Nike Coach Of The year Clinic. Sound optomistic about Andre Woodson. Are we gonna stretch the field more and get the ball in Air on 1st down.
    Kurt Roper : To be successful offensively, you have to be balanced, and that means throwing the ball on first down. We have some playmakers so we'll need to use them vertically also.

    moseyblukat : First of all welcome to Kentucky coach. Now my question is, in your opinion what's the most important drills,watching film,etc; that a quarterback should do during summer to prepare for the fall?
    Kurt Roper : The most important thing that the QB's will do this summer is the 7 on 7 pass skeleton. During this time, they'll develop leadership, a better understanding of the passing game and competitiveness.

    aaron from georgia : do you think that andre woodson has the potential to be as successful as eli manning?
    Kurt Roper : I think right now, physically, they're very comparable, like I said. We'll see how he develops with his leadership ability, preparation for games and all the quarterback intangibles. But he has a chance to be very successful.

    nick : welcome to lexington. Do you like that woodson can be a top QB in the sec? From what you have seen do we have a chance at a bowl game this year? Good luck this year and go cats
    Kurt Roper : I'll answer yes to both those questions.

    Martin : Coach Roper, you have worked with some GREAT QBs. What does AW have to do to move into that class of great QBs and does he have the Line to give him the ability to excell.
    Kurt Roper : I think the line is in place for us to execute our offensive plan. I think Andre needs to improve his mental toughness. I think I see that taking place.

    Martin : I know you were not here last year, but can you see us opening the offense a little more and putting some air under the ball with AW as QB?
    Kurt Roper : He's talented as a passer and we'll need to use him in that manner.

    Alan Whittington : Coach glad your at UK!! Is Andre' Woodson the kind of quarterback who will get in the huddle and take charge and lead the team? What are your biggest concerns going into the fall?
    Kurt Roper : I think Andre tried to take a strong leadership role this spring. I think what he has to improve on is to continue that leadership role during tough times.

    Mike in Louisville : Welcome to KY coach. How do you teach someone to speed up decision making without forcing mistakes?
    Kurt Roper : It really starts with offensive philosophy. Your plays have to be built with a certain amount of time that they need to be executed in. Once the QB understands that timing, he knows when he needs to get rid of the ball. In the SEC, a quarterback has about 3 seconds to take the snap, make a decision and throw the ball without getting sacked.

    J.K. : Does Andre Woodson have enough potential to be as good as Tim Couch was at UK?
    Kurt Roper : I think Andre is a quarterback that is physically good enough to be an All-SEC player. To say that he'll surpass some of the things that Tim did statistically is difficult - I don't know that anyone can surpass that.

    Robert : Hey coach how hard are you going to look at Curtis Pulley at the QB posistion? Will he be given a shot to compete for the job?
    Kurt Roper : He will be given a really good shot to be the quarterback. He has to come in with the mindset to be productive this year.

    WKY cat fan : Coach, I realize you were not on campus last year, but will the terminology change at all with the new offense?
    Kurt Roper : Coach Phillips implemented his system this spring so there are quite a few changes.

    Ed T : Would you say our RB's with Little, Beach, Bwenge and Dixon etc are adequate for SEC Competition
    Kurt Roper : I think they are more than average. We're fortunate to have quality depth at a position which you definitely need in the SEC. These guys can win games for us.

    scott : Coach, Welcome to UK. Which of our opponents defense do you feel will give Andre the most difficulty? Why?
    Kurt Roper : I would say that John Thompson (defensive coordinator at South Carolina) will give him the most difficulty in league play. He's very multiple and hard to identify. : Thank you to Coach Roper for joining us today. Our guest on the live chat next week will be Ron Caragher.
    Kurt Roper : Thanks for all the questions. I really like this team. We have a lot of talent and a real chance to win. I enjoy working with the coaching staff and I've learned a lot from Coach Brooks in my short time here. I am looking forward to the season and hope to see everyone this fall at Commonwealth.