Coach Rick Petri Live Chat Transcript

  • kevin : why is verticle leap such an important measurement for lineman and if a lineman has a goood squat but not verticle jump can he play for cats
    Rick Petri : I believe the vertical jump is a good measurement for not only defensive linemen but all football players and all athletes. It's a great indicator of lower body power which is definitely a great asset for football. Any measurement of power involves time. Quickness and explosion is critical in any athletics. Measuring squat doesn't involve time - it's purely strength.

    tdcat : Coach, has Myron Pryor positioned himself to have a big year and does Mills look like he will be at 100% by the first game?
    Rick Petri : Myron is in position to have an excellent second season. I'm looking for big things from him. As I stated earlier, Lamar should be ready to go in the fall.

    UK fan : How is Jeremy Jarmon's rehab going? What did you see in him when he practiced last fall?
    Rick Petri : From everything I hear, Jeremy is working hard and progressing on schedule. I didn't get to see him enough in the fall to have a definitive impression.

    Kevin Autry : Hello, Coach. The DL looked good this spring. Good job. To what depth(2, 3, ...) do you think the D.L. will be SEC competitive this Fall. Thanks for your hard work and GO CATS!!
    Rick Petri : Thanks for the kind words. Presently we have much more depth at the defensive tackle positions but we're still looking for depth at the defensive end position.

    Brian form Owensboro : Hi coach. We have to stop the run. Will we have sufficient size and depth to stop the run in the SEC this year? Also, will Lamar Mills be 100% this fall. Thanks and Go BIG BLUE!!!
    Rick Petri : I thought we made gains in spring ball in stopping the run. We probably will be a little bit bigger even though I don't think that's the most important factor. Consistency in players, the same players playing together and being comfortable with where each other is fitting against the run is critical and I definitely felt we made strides in that direction during spring ball. Lamar is coming along wonderfully and we expect him to be 100% when two-a-days start and we look forward to having him on the football field. He was off to a great start in the Louisville game last year and it was definitely a big loss when he was injured. Having Lamar this fall would provide good leadership both on and off the field for us.

    Patrick : Hi coach, glad we have you! I think Durrell could lead the sec in sacks this season what do you say?
    Rick Petri : I sure hope so. Pass rush is definitely an area we must improve on.

    UKFTBALL : Do you think Durrell White will be more of a force this year at DE now that he has a year of the position under his belt?
    Rick Petri : You always hope that the second year a player is at a new position is a better year. He should feel more comfortable and should understand the demands and requirements of the position. Defensive football is reaction and reaction is always improved when an athlete feels comfortable.

    ukfan for life : coach i would like to know what do you think of the following recruits coming in and who is going to be playing were with cory peters josh minton micha johnson were do you predict them to be playing at and what postions? Thanks
    Rick Petri : The incoming class is an excellent class with a good blend of speed and size. As I mentioned earlier, there will definitely be someone contributing out of this class. Micah will be playing linebacker for us. Josh will be playing defensive end and Corey will begin practice as a defensive tackle.

    Zip 43 : How does Myron Pryor rank against other D.T.'s in the SEC. Is a potential pro prospect?
    Rick Petri : Myron had a great spring. He's extremely talented and is getting in shape and has all the potential to be an excellent SEC defensive tackle. Anything beyond that will be dependent on his continued development.

    Alphacat93 : Is White 100% and ready to make life miserable in opposing backfields?
    Rick Petri : To my knowledge, Durrell is 100% and based on his work habits in the spring he should have a good summer and be ready for a great fall.

    Alphacat93 : Hey Coach! It looks like the line will be much improved this year, but questions seem to remain at DE. Do you expect Lewis and/or Craigman to have breakout years? Lewis sounds like a beast with a bright, bright future.
    Rick Petri : Dominic Lewis had an excellent spring and has definitely put himself in a position to contribute to the football team, dependent on continued improvement in the summer and fall practices. Craigman, as well as all new players, will be given an opportunity to contribute to the football team.

    Mike Taylor : Coach, do you envision the need to play any of the incoming freshman this year and if so do you have an idea of who might be a candidate and why (need, experience for 2007, etc.) Thanks.
    Rick Petri : All the new defensive linemen will get an opportunity to contribute to the team. Obviously after the first question, defensive end is probably a position that will need more immediate help.

    Mike Taylor : Coach, how do you envision using Ricky Abren this fall? Is he going to be a DE, DT or possibily play both positions depending on the situation? Thanks and GO CATS!
    Rick Petri : I think right now our plans are to use Ricky at both DE and DT. Having an athlete that can play both positions is a plus and it is our hope that he can fill that role.