Coach Steve Brown Live Chat Transcript

  • Russ Brown : Who really surprised you during Spring Practice
    Steve Brown : Both Michael Schwindel and Trevard Lindley were pleasant surprises during the spring. Trevard has a world of talent and showed a physical side that I didn't know he had.

    Kent Reed : What differences do you look for in deciding whether a player is a FS or SS? Is Harrison a CB or safety?
    Steve Brown : Basically, we are looking for the same type of player - the ability to tackle and play coverage. Plus, to be able to disguise our defenses, the safeties much be one in the same. That way the offense won't know which safety will be in the box and which safety will be in the post. Harrison is a safety.

    K johnson : What are your predictions for Roger Williams the upcoming season?
    Steve Brown : Roger had a real nice sophomore season. I'm optimistic that he will pick up from where he left off. It would be nice to have more depth so that he would not have to play so many plays. But if he needs to, he better get in better shape!

    UK Faculty Wildcat Fan : Will we have the depth at DB to compete in the SEC? Which of the incoming freshmen will likely make an impact when we play Louisville? Will Bo Smith be on the field this fall?
    Steve Brown : I believe if our players are all healthy, we will have the type of depth we need to compete in the SEC. Time will tell because of our youth. So the more they get to practice, the better off they'll be. I sense their confidence growing daily. We're hopeful that Bo will be with us this fall.

    alphacat93 : Hey Coach. With safety being the thinnest spot in the secondary, what impact do you expect from Goodson, Cobb, or Drayton next fall? With that, does the emergence of Schwindel help to ease the need to depend on imcoming freshman immediately?
    Steve Brown : Mike Schwindel had a very nice spring practice. He still has a lot to learn but I think he gained some confidence in himself. Hopefully the young men coming in this fall will give us both depth on defense and in the kicking game. We look forward to having some great competition in the fall.

    Shawn : How has David Jones progressed over winter, and what impact do you think he will make this season?
    Steve Brown : David progressed reasonably well this winter. He had a slight hamstring issue that caused him to miss some practice. When he was practicing, he got better. David needs to continue to work hard because he has a bright future.

    aaron : Will Marcus McClinton be healthy enough to play this year?
    Steve Brown : We as coaches felt that Marcus was healthy enough to participate in spring. But the doctors felt that it would be in his best interest to limit his practice time. Marcus participated in some non-contact drills and did very well. We anticipate him being able to particpate fully in August.

    Gerad Parker : Steve, if there was one thing you want the kids to leave and say about their time playing for you what would it be? Go Cats!
    Steve Brown : That I gave them my all.

    RV : Hello Coach Brown - Thanks for all your hard work. Going into fall practice, how many DB's do you have enough confidence in to be in your subbing rotations and do you anticipate losing EJ Adams to Joker and the offense?
    Steve Brown : With each practice, the players gain confidence which shows their true abilities. As time goes on, I'm also gaining more confidence in their abilities. As far as substitutions are concerned, we are always looking for eight starters. And no, I don't anticipate losing E.J. Adams to the offense.

    Jared B : It seems for as long as I can remember, one of the most difficult tasks for a Kentucky CB is the jam. Being able to take the WR off his timing and balance. Bo Smith has done it well, but do we have that second guy that has the speed and strength to incorporate this highly effective move?
    Steve Brown : Our cornerbacks did a nice job of playing bump and run this spring. They have really worked hard on their technique. Our guys have done a better job of moving their feet and using their hands. We have a few candidates but who that second guy is, time will tell.

    Brad : Are you seeing greater overall speed since last season in the DB field? Thanks in advance, Brad
    Steve Brown : Yes. The defensive backs have really worked hard in the weight room. A lot of credit goes to Coach Hill and his weight training staff. : Thanks to Coach Brown for his time in answering questions. Next week's live chat will be with defensive line coach Rick Petri.
    Steve Brown : Thanks for your support. We are working hard to make you proud. Go Cats!