Coach Steve Brown Live Chat Archive

Live chat took place Friday, May 7

catfan : Hey coach, Having pulled Wesley Woodyard out of Lagrange, can we expect to pull more talent out of this Georgia powerhouse?
Steve Brown : We are trying to get as many talented players from Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio as we can. We are in the process of recruiting some more of those great players from Lagrange High School.

Susan : Which side of the ball do you think K.O'Donnell will play,if he isn't redshirted?
Steve Brown : Right now, we're in the process of seeing exactly what K. O'Donnell can do. After we determine what we feel he can do, and what he wants to do, we'll determine which side of the ball is best for him.

Dustin Cordell : hey coach brown, i was wonderin if u are going to have mike williams going on alot of blitzs this year. i know that in the past he has blitzed some and it worked alot of times.
Steve Brown : What we're trying to do is find as many great blitzers as we can find without the opponent knowing which guy is coming. Mike just happens to be one of our best blitzers.

Eric Jennings : Thanks for answering our questions! Who in your opinion is the hardest hitter in the secondary? Good luck this year.
Steve Brown : They're all hard hitters when the opponent can't see them coming. :)

Spencer : Coach are you happy with the type of closing speed that we have in the defensive backfield or do we still have a lot of ground to make up? They looked pretty good last year. Last question is who do you look to have that "break out season" this year? Thanks, and good luck coach.
Steve Brown : Closing speed is determined by a player's ability to react to what he sees. We're still in the process of learning, so our closing speed is getting better. As far as "break out seasons," we expect all of them to have break out seasons. We'll continue to set the bar even higher.

Jim Hayes : How is Booker doing?
Steve Brown : Karl Booker did an outstanding job of making the transition from wide receiver to defensive back. He was a great pleasure to work with, and I look forward to him getting even better.

Steve Brown : I never look for four starters. I want at least 8-10 guys that consider themselves starters. With the season as long as it is, you need that many guys. At this point, no starters are etched in stone, so they are all highly contested positions.

BellCountyBobcat : How is redshirt freshman Dallas Greer looking? How did he look during spring practice and at the Blue vs. White game?
Steve Brown : Dallas Greer is progressing really well. He is an outstanding young man to work with and to be around. I look for him to be a great contributor to our team in the fall. In the spring game, he got a lot of reps and performed at a high level.

Diego : Coach its me again what is the status on mike williams?
Steve Brown : He will be 100 percent to go in the fall.

Philip Disney : How is Andre Jones doing with his off-field requirements? Will he be in the fall camp? What is your 2-deep lineup for each position after spring training?
Steve Brown : Andre' Jones' off-field requirements are still to be determined. The 2-deep alignment for each position is also to be determined. This will depend upon the incoming freshman class and their ability to absorb our teachings.

I BLEED BLUE : Coach just wanted to get your opinion on Wesley Woodyard and Marcus McClinton and if you plan to redshirt them this year or will they be counted on to provide some depth at the safety position. Thank You! GO BIG BLUE
Steve Brown : Both of those young men are very talented and we will find a way for them to contribute to our team next fall.

dreamer : rumors says the kid from the military school (FS) could play early, why? Is strength going to be a factor? Is he ready? why do you feel that way?
Steve Brown : If you're asking about Marcus McClinton from Ft. Campbell, he is a very good high school football player. As a coach, you feel certain players can come in and play right away but all of that will be determined by his ability to pick up our scheme.

mike gibson : being the second year of a 3- 4 defense and the linebackers understanding their gap coverage - should that relate into more pics for mike williams and abdullah?
Steve Brown : If the opponents have to throw the ball more, both Mike and Muhammad, if they can catch, should have more opportunities for interceptions. : We'd like to thank Coach Brown for taking the time to answer these questions. Join us next week when Coach McBride will be our guest.
Steve Brown : I want to thank all the Big Blue fans for their support and I'm always available to answer your questions. Go Big Blue!!