Randy Sanders Live Chat Transcript

  • Ed T : Is Pulley capable of throwing the ball downfield accurately and if so is there a reason he did not do it much in spring practice?
    Randy Sanders : One of the reasons we didn't do it much in the spring practices was the lack of our top receivers. Not having Keenan Burton or Jacob Tamme available limited some of our downfield options.

    Stew P. Owensboro Ky : Will Rocco Maragas be in the Q.B. hunt this fall. Man he looked great in the spring game.
    Randy Sanders : Rocco is a great young man and I was excited that he had success in the spring game. We have great competition at quarterback and we'll have to see how it works out this fall.

    Brad from Atlanta : Coach: First welcome to UK. Coming from a historically successful program like Tennessee, can you highlight some of the key differences between a program like UT, and that of UK? And do you think UK can build a program of that calibre? Thanks, and best of luck this year.
    Randy Sanders : The biggest difference I see right now is depth. The coaching staff has done a good job of working through the probation and I certainly feel like we're on the right track.

    Spencer from Knoxville : First off, welcome aboard coach you look much better in the Blue and White. Seriously, what are the key factors for either Pulley or Woodson to earn the nod at the QB positon? What do each of them need to work on the most? Thanks coach. Hope you have an awesome year!!!!!!!
    Randy Sanders : They both have the ability to make plays to win games. They just have to show that they won't make the critical mistakes that could cost the team games.

    Alan : Coach, Curtis Pulley is great at running the ball when needed. UK should have a solid running game with several good running backs, if Pulley is the quarterback does he have the arm and the ability to throw the deep ball to keep the defenses honest? COACH - GLAD YOUR AT UK!!!!!!
    Randy Sanders : Again, the better you're able to run the ball, the easier it is to throw the ball down the field. The key is to make the defense work hard to stop the run. Then the passing game gets easier. If we can accomplish this, Curtis certainly has the ability to throw the long ball.

    Alan : Coach last year with the U of L game it appeared as if Andre' Woodson was going to have a break out year. However, as the season went along he seemed to loose more and more confidence. If he becomes your starter, how do you plan to keep him from getting down on himself after he makes mistakes like all players make?? Thank you!
    Randy Sanders : One of the traits of a really good player is that you learn from the past, but you have to put the past behind you. It's easier said than done but it is something that I try to teach to all the quarterbacks, not only Andre'.

    Alan : Coach in the late 90's UK fans fell in love with the pass happy offense. The run game should be pretty solid this year, but will you be able to move the ball through the air with any consistency?? Thank you!
    Randy Sanders : The better you can run the football, the easier it is to throw it and vice versa. We're working to have the ability to run it when we want to and throw it when we want to but there's no doubt they depend on each other. The passing game will be helped this fall when we get Keenan Burton and Jacob Tamme back in the mix.

    BigCatBlue : Just first want to tell you how excited I am that you joined the UK Team. My question is: Andre seems to have the ability to throw a great ball, but has lacked the time to get the ball off and has doesn't have as quick a release as other SEC QBs. Do you think he will have the time to throw this year and how are you coaching him to improve his release
    Randy Sanders : We worked hard this spring trying to speed up Andre's thought processes in the passing game. There's no doubt protection needs to be better at times, but there are also times when Andre' needs to get rid of the ball sooner.

    Corey UK '08 : First of all I would like to thank you and welcome you in joining the University of Kentucky football staff and hope you're having a great time here in Lexington. I was just wondering how Will Fidler has been doing since he enrolled in January and have you seen any major improvements? Also, what do you expect to see out of Mike Hartline? Thank you for your time and I can't wait to see you and the entire Wildcat football on the field at Commonwealth Stadium this upcoming season. GO BIG BLUE!!
    Randy Sanders : Again, we're excited about Will and Mike being a part of our program. We think they're excellent prospects. There's so much for young quarterbacks to learn when they come to the SEC, and it's hard to really know what they will be able to accomplish their first year.

    Droops : Coach, regarding Pulley, will you and he work this Summer on his downfield passing technique? Can he throw better downfield passes with work? Thanks, and great to have you here at UK!
    Randy Sanders : We tried to work on that quite a bit this spring. Unfortunately NCAA regulations prevent us from spending much time over the summer. But you can bet that it is something we will resume working on once fall camp begins. We felt like he made a lot of progress in that area this spring.

    Ab : Do think we could have 2 running backs over 1000 yards in the same season?
    Randy Sanders : We did it two years ago at Tennessee. If we do, it will probably mean we are playing somewhere over the holiday season.

    O'neal : With the running backs our strength. What can we expect with the passing game?
    Randy Sanders : Obviously play-action will have to be a big part of what we do. I'm sure we'll throw to the backs quite a bit because they are good players. At the same time, we have to spread the ball around in the running game and passing game so we don't become predictable.

    Pat Go Big Blue : Coach will their situations where Curtis and Andre will both be on the field? Second I think if Andre is the No1 then we need Curtis on the wing, he has blazing speed and reads the field well.
    Randy Sanders : There's no doubt that Curtis is one of our best athletes on offense. If he is not at quarterback, I'm sure he'll be on the field somewhere. Andre' has a lot of experience and having both guys on the field can make the defense guess what's coming.

    Patrick Mboro,KY : Coach its great to have you first of all and Good Luck this year! What do you think the Quarterbacks numbers will possibly be this fall and I here Good things about Mike Hartline that he is a Gun slinger and has a shot of some PT.
    Randy Sanders : First of all it's great to be here. As far as QB numbers, the only numbers I worry about are the wins and losses at the end of the year. Hopefully we'll do our part to win games at QB. I'm excited about Mike Hartline and his prospects but until he gets on the practice field and I get a chance to work with him, it's hard to really know what his contributions will really be next year.

    MOSEY : Coach what are the chances of Will Fidler being the #2 QB this season? He looked great in the Blue & White game!
    Randy Sanders : I thought Will did play well in the B/W game. But remember, he was playing against the #3 defense also. I was really pleased with what he did this spring but he's still a work in progress.

    floboi : with all your experience of being a succesful oc in the sec, is joker open to any ideas you may present him about our offense and become a two headed offensive machine?
    Randy Sanders : Coach Phillips has been great to work for. I enjoyed my years as a coordinator at Tennessee but my job here is to coach quarterbacks and support Coach Phillips and whatever direction he wants to take. He's open for input and I try to give him input.

    DUSTIN FROM LEXGTION : How are you coach what is going to be the final decision on how you choose your quarterback?
    Randy Sanders : I'm doing well. Busy getting my family moved. The final decision will be made by myself, Coach Brooks and Coach Phillips. It will be based on whoever we feel gives us the best chance to win.