Steve Brown Live Chat Archive

  • Live chat took place April 21

    Dominic Davis : Hi Im a senior at Wharton High School in Tampa Florida I would like to know if you guys will be allowing walk-on's for the 2005 season.
    Steve Brown : Yes, we are allowing walk-ons for the 2005 season. First of all, we would need to have tape of you playing your senior season. Second, you would have to go through the normal procedure for applying for admission to the University of Kentucky.

    Tyler Kohari : What do you think about s DB David Jones, How will he contribute to the team?
    Steve Brown : We believe David Jones is a fine young man and look for him to be a valuable member of our team. As far as his contributions, time will only tell.

    Sean : Coach, How has Walkon Kendall O'donnell done this spring. I know he was quite a pickup for a walkon.
    Steve Brown : Kendall is still in the process of learning his responsibilities on defense. We switched him from cornerback to safety to take advantage of his natural hitting ability.

    Landon Mulhall : How are the redshirt freshman Williams and Moore progressing?
    Steve Brown : Both young men are doing extremely well, both in the classroom and on the football field. As you know, college life takes some adjustment. At this point, they are right on target to contribute as Wildcats.

    wildcatfan 4life : coach brown, I know the defense is switching from the 3-4 to the 4-3, however this is just the front 7. Will your secondary coverages and run force change as well or will your responsibilities stay the same? I am excited about the upcoming season. Good luck and Go Cats.
    Steve Brown : There are some minor adjustments as far as coverage responsibilities are concerned but so far, knock on wood, they've adjusted well. Thank you for your support.

    Ray : With Bo Smith back and the experience some of the younger kids gained from last year, do you think the secondary can hold up against some of the SEC's elite wide outs.
    Steve Brown : Having Bo Smith back is definitely a plus. These young men are working extremely hard and gaining confidence on a daily basis. Time will tell how great we can truly be.

    catfan1967 : Hey coach thanks for taking my question.Is the defense improved from last year.And how?Go Cats!
    Steve Brown : Our goal for the spring was for our defense to become more mechanically sound. We have emphasized technique and run responsibilities. To this point we are a lot further along than we have been in the past. Hopefully that will equate to improvement on defense.

    Brad : How do you feel about Huffman- He has shown some great ability in the past
    Steve Brown : I am trying to get Antoine to be a leader on the football field and the best way he can lead is by example. He is a very valuable member of this team both on and off the field.

    Brent Bourland : How do you think jon Sumrall will help the defense as a coach.
    Steve Brown : Jon Sumrall is every coach's dream. He is conscientious and a very hard worker. He knew his limitations but rose above them. He is another set of eyes for Coach Smith and the linebackers. Everyone on this team respects him and will listen to him when he has something to say.

    Todd in Indiana : Hey Coach, How, if any, will the the change up front effect the guys in the secondary? And how's the depth look like for the up coming season. Thanks
    Steve Brown : Playing the 4-3 defense, our guys are starting to get a very solid understanding of where they fit against the run. We have some very young players but they are getting better every day. We are still not as deep as we would like to be so we are counting on some of our fall recruits.

    Brian from Owensboro : Hi coach. How is Bo Smith doing? Will he be 100% when practice starts this Fall? GO CATS!
    Steve Brown : Bo Smith has had a very good spring. Right now he is 100% so we expect him to do great things in the fall.

    Mike : How is our Defensive Backfield going to measure up to Louisville's explosive offensive through the air? GO BIG BLUE!!!!
    Steve Brown : We look forward to the challenge that Louisville presents passing the ball. Time will tell how we measure up to them.

    Blake - Harrodsburg : Thanks Coach Brown for all your hard work. Do you anticipate any of the incoming freshman DB's to provide immediate contributions?
    Steve Brown : The two incoming defensive backs are very talented athletes. What role will depend upon their ability to learn our defense. Worst case scenario, they should contribute greatly on special teams.

    Dorthy Thompson : I work at star Elementary in Grayson Ky we were wondering if some of the players and the coaches could come and speak to our kids on there career day may 10th.
    Steve Brown : The problem with that date is the coaches will be out recruiting and the players will be back in their respective hometowns - taking a break after they finish finals and before they come back for summer school.

    Joe Sharpe : Who is the best golfer on the staff? Why couldn't you help Micheal Gray out with that golf swing.
    Steve Brown : It's not you. :) We haven't had time to play golf so we're all equal at this point. Unlike the ticket office personnel.

    Scott Reynolds : Will a move to safety for Karl Booker be permanent or will that be determined after fall practice?
    Steve Brown : Karl is a very coachable player. Whatever role we ask him to play, he will be great. He is a lot like Jon Sumrall in his dedication to being the best. I wish I had 15 Karl Bookers.

    What can Brown do for you? : How big of role does video play in your job on a day to day basis? scouting recruiting so on
    Steve Brown : Video is a valuable tool as a teacher and recruiter. A lot of players can only learn visually so watching themselves helps us teach them. As far as recruiting is concerned, it is probably the most important tool to promote a high school player. : We'd like to thank Coach Brown for his time in answering the questions. Next week's live chat will be defensive coordinator Mike Archer.
    Steve Brown : Thanks for having me on this chat and for all the questions. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Blue/White game this Saturday at 1 p.m. and this fall at Commonwealth Stadium.