Good Weather, Good Practice for Kentucky Football

LEXINGTON, Ky. –  Using warm, pleasant weather as a springboard, the Kentucky football team turned in another solid effort in practice Friday morning at the Nutter Training Facility.

“I liked the energy,” Coach Joker Phillips said.  “It was the first real good day of weather we’d had.  We’ve had some solid weather, and days it was nice out but windy, so we couldn’t really throw and catch the ball.  Balls were all over the place.  I thought today we threw the ball, caught the ball well, made some big plays.  Defensively, made some big plays also, especially in the red zone.”

The coaches and players are eagerly anticipating Saturday’s practice, which will feature the first major scrimmage of the spring.  The team had a limited scrimmage last Saturday.

“We have to put it all together tomorrow (in the scrimmage),” Phillips said.  “We’ll put the ball down and play the whole field.  What happens when you play the whole field, you put the ball down and make drives.  Defensively, you have to let the ball keep getting snapped so hopefully the offense will screw up a play here or there and you cause a turnover or a negative-yardage play.  Offensively, you have to try to make some big plays.  It’s hard to put together 12-, 13-, 14-play drives.  We have to make a couple of big plays.  I’m looking forward to seeing the guys after a week (since the last scrimmage), especially offensively we’ve stopped installing (new plays), and I’m also looking forward to seeing the defense and some of the new stuff they’ve put in.”

Friday marked the ninth of 15 practices allowed in the spring.  The Wildcats are working toward the Blue/White Spring Game, which will be held Saturday, April 23.