Joker Phillips Live Chat Archive

  • Live chat took place April 8, 2005

    Robbie : Is Scott Mitchell going to have a break out year?
    Joker Phillips : I hope Scott can build off the Tennessee game. I thought he finished off strong.

    Alan from Louisa : What do you think about Tommy Cook? How big of an impact will he have in your offense?
    Joker Phillips : I think the world of Tommy. We missed his leadership and toughness last year. He will have a huge impact on this offense.

    Kyle Arms : Coach Phillips; I thought you done a wonderful job at UT calling the plays. The play of Jacob Tamme suprised a lot of us in the Bluegrass state, how do you plan on utilizing his athletic ability this year on offense?
    Joker Phillips : We plan on using him the same way as we did in the UT game. He cause match up problems when linebackers are trying to cover him.

    Diego : What do you think will be the bigest factor for Woodson sucess at the QB position and your prediction on Burton year along with the other Wide out?
    Joker Phillips : Andre's success will come if we can protect him and if he makes great decisions with the football. I'm excited about getting Keenan Burton back. He's a guy that can stretch the field which in turn will open up the underneath routes for guys like Jacob Tamme and Tommy Cook.

    Brian from Owensboro : Good afternoon coach and congrats on becoming the off. coordinator. I'm looking forward to seeing the new and improved offense this fall. One of the major problems we had last year was a lack of depth on the O-line. How's the O-line looking going into this Fall?
    Joker Phillips : I think Coach Heggins is doing a great job getting those guys on the same page. I'm excited about the progress we're making up front and hopefully we can build some depth.

    Mitch Castle : Coach, how has your first year as oc been and will the offense be more wide open under your leadership or would you like to have a balanced attack with Little at RB! Thanks, and good luch this season, I'll be at all the home games! And please beat Louisville!
    Joker Phillips : Yes, we will be balanced. My idea of being balanced is running when they think you're going to throw and throwing when everyone thinks you have to run the ball. Yes, we do expect Rafael Little to have an outstanding year for us.

    Marty from Danville : What are some of the things that you would like to hear opposing coaches say about playing against a "Joker Phillips coached" offense ? Thanks for answering my question and good luck this year.
    Joker Phillips : I would like to say that we were well coached, a physical unit and played with unbelievable effort.

    Kyle Travis : coach phillips im 12 years old and a huge kentucky fan iam wondering if raphael little may get some more playing time then last year or could he posibbly start? GO CATS!!!!!!!
    Joker Phillips : Rafael was injured right up until the first game last year which held him back. You could see him progressing near the middle of the season. Now he's having an outstanding spring and should be our starting tailback.

    Michael Newkirk : With only 2 scholarship quarterbacks, how concerned are you about the depth at that position and do you plan to dress one of the walk-on practice squad players?
    Joker Phillips : We did sign a great quarterback and that will give us a third scholarship QB. A lot of times we do like to dress a fourth which means a walk-on may have the opportunity to dress.

    J.K. : Our offense looked spectacular against Tennessee in the last game of the season in 2004. What changes were made in that game to turn the offense around so quick, and do you think those good results on the offensive side will carry into 2005.
    Joker Phillips : Our goal was to play fast by taking a lot of the audible system out of the game - calling the play and running that play call. We'll do a lot of the same things this year. We hope they will carry over to this fall.

    Chris : First of all, GO CATS!! 2nd, Is Woodson going to get the majority of the playing time at quarterback or do you plan on rotating the back-ups in quite often, in order to switch things up a bit?
    Joker Phillips : Andre Woodson is our quarterback. I think that he needs plenty of playing time but if one of the young QB's shows that they are capable, then it is possible to get them in a series or two.

    Nate from State : In piecing together your playbook, has it come mainly from one coach or system, and if so, who's; or is it a combination of the systems you've worked in over the years?
    Joker Phillips : Myself, Kurt Roper, Ron Caragher, Jimmy Heggins, Steve Ortmayer and Coach Brooks have come up with a system of things that we have all done well at different places.

    Ted : Up front how much stronger will we be this year than last?
    Joker Phillips : I think we'll be a lot deeper. Right now we're working with two units and with the freshmen that Coach Heggins will be working with, we'll be able to play a lot more people up front.

    Scott Reynolds : Do you want the QB to run the play called in the huddle or select a play at the line of scrimmage after seeing defensive alignment?
    Joker Phillips : We plan on not having a huge audible system. We'll call the play and run the play call. This allows us to play fast. The quarterback can still make a change if he needs to.

    Scott Reynolds : Do you prefer the quarterback to pass from the pocket or on a designed rollout?
    Joker Phillips : I think you have to do both. Changing the pocket helps the offensive line.

    M.Miller : Hey coach, Idealy how many touches would you like to get Little per game
    Joker Phillips : Ideally, we would like to get our starting tailback 15-20 touches. I think the great backs become better with touches. : We thank Coach Phillips for taking the time to participate in this chat. Next week we will be joined by Chuck Smith.
    Joker Phillips : Thanks for having me. I appreciate all the fans writing in. I'm looking forward to my first year as offensive coordinator and hope to see all of you at Commonwealth this fall.