Joker Phillips Live Chat Archive

  • Live chat took place April 4, 2006

    David Burt : What is your philosophy about keeping a back into block compared to running him out as a safety valve during a pass?
    Joker Phillips : You always want to get as many eligible receivers in routes as possible. But when you're having protection problems, sometimes you have to keep the back in to protect the QB. Both of our backs have great hands and receiving ability. Rafael was our leading receiver last year.

    Chris : How is Aaron Miller adjusting to being back on the o-line. Will he be an immediate impact this year?
    Joker Phillips : Getting Aaron back in the program is like signing a junior college transfer. He's a guy that's played a lot of football at a high level and could help our football team tremendously. Being away has helped his attitude toward football, especially when it was taken away last year.

    Mark : Which incoming recruits have the ability to make an immediate impact?
    Joker Phillips : Obviously Micah Johnson, Josh Minton and Corey Peters on defense. On offense, Steve Johnson or any of the freshman receivers will have a chance to contribute immediately.

    Thom : What about this years squad excites you the most getting ready for the upcoming season? Is the WR position in as much trouble as it rumored to be?
    Joker Phillips : The young players being a year older excites me. Watching them develop and becoming confident in their play.

    Dave Bemiss : How has the transition to offensive coordinator affected, reduced or eliminated your involvement in recruiting?
    Joker Phillips : I think that becoming the offensive coordinator has actually helped me in recruiting. It's allowed me to sell my plan offensively.

    Nick Goins : With a more experienced offensive line will we be able to take more shots downfield?
    Joker Phillips : I think our experience will allow us to run the football which in turn allows you to throw play-action passes down the field.

    floboi : if pulley doesnt win the starting job, knowing we have to put our best athletes on the field to compete in the sec,and with the lack of production at receiver, will he end up there to get the ball in his hands some how?
    Joker Phillips : Curtis is one our best athletes on the team. He needs to be on the football field. If not at quarterback, then some other position.

    Brian from Owensboro : Hi coach. We had a pretty good recruiting this year. About how many freshmen do you anticipate seeing playing time on the offensive side of the ball this season. Will we get to see Micah Johnson play any fullback this year? Thanks for all of your hard work coach! GO BIG BLUE!!!
    Joker Phillips : There will be number of red-shirt freshmen playing for us offensively. Except for the wide receiver position, I think it will be tough for any of the true freshmen to break the lineup. It's a possibility that we could use Micah on short yardage and goal line situations.

    4UKWildcats : Coach, I have two questions. First question, how many of the incoming wr's are you going to count on to fill out your wide receiver rotation? Second question, how is the progress of John Logan coming? Thanks in advance for your responses and I know we are going to have a wonderful year, capped with a bowl game.... GO CATS!!!!
    Joker Phillips : As many as we feel that are ready to compete at this level. John Logan has practiced hard and has made some plays in practice. Now, he must be consistent in not only his effort, but in his play-making ability.

    Corey, UK '08 : First of all, thank you Coach Phillips for allowing the fans to chat with you on the upcoming season. I was just wondering how much of a competition do you think is between Woodson, Pulley, and Fidler for the starting qb position? How is Will looking so far in Spring ball? Thank you for your time and I will be at Commonwealth every home game to cheer on my Cats. GO BIG BLUE!!
    Joker Phillips : I think the QB competition is as competitive as it has been since I've been around. We have three quality quarterbacks. They all have different things that they do well. It's been a little overwhelming for Will, but he is taking advantage of being here early, getting to know his teammates and studying the offense.

    Brad from Georgia : How is Demoreo Ford looking so far this spring? What do you think his role will be this year?
    Joker Phillips : Demoreo has only practiced two days. I think he is looking pretty good for a guy we didn't expect to have until the last week of spring. Demoreo is a tough kid and has battled back from injury and every rep he gets this spring is key for his development.

    Timmy : Will we see more two back sets this season compared to a lot of the Ace formation we saw last year?
    Joker Phillips : We plan on getting our best personnel on the field at the same time. If that means getting Tony Dixon and Rafael Little on the field at the same time, that's what we must do.

    eric jennings : what do you feel is the strongest asset of this uk offense? thanks good luck
    Joker Phillips : We feel that our running game will be the strength of our offense, based on our offensive line and the number of quality backs that we have.

    eric jennings : what is the one thing that you feel that the offense needs to work on the most in order to be ready for the upcoming season? good luck!!
    Joker Phillips : The number one thing, which is our only goal for this spring, is to protect. Protect means to protect the quarterback and protect the football. Looking back on last year, our number of sacks and our number of turnovers, those were things that hurt us offensively.