Cats Travel to Kansas for First Time in 16 Years

No. 19/21 Kentucky (10-3) at Kansas (8-4)

Saturday, Jan. 7, 2006 - 12:00 p.m. ET
- Lawrence, Kan.

- Jan. 6 |

Television Coverage:

Kentucky, the all-time winningest program in college basketball, travels to Lawrence, Kan., Saturday to face the Kansas Jayhawks, who rank third all-time in wins. It?s the Wildcats first visit to Allen Fieldhouse in over 16 years.

The Wildcats ride a season-best, four-game win streak into Saturday?s non-conference finale, but the contest marks UK?s first road game in more than a month. The team?s last visit to Lawrence ended in the second-worst loss in Wildcat history and the worst in modern history. The Jayhawks, then coached by Roy Williams, forced Rick Pitino?s debut UK team into 27 turnovers in the 150-95 KU win.

This is Kentucky?s final non-conference game before opening SEC play vs. Vanderbilt Tuesday.

  • Press Conference Quotes - Jan. 6

    Head Coach Tubby Smith

    On playing in Allen Fieldhouse?
    ?Allen Fieldhouse is an historical place. James Naismith coached there and the court is named after him. I?ve been out there a few times. They have great fans and a great team. Not only are we playing against great tradition, but against a talented team. We have to raise our level of play in order to compete with them."

    On what beating Kansas could do for Kentucky?s confidence?
    ?Every game has been a springboard for something. It will be a big help if we play well and compete with them. It will help build our confidence as we go into a game against Vanderbilt next week.?

    On Randolph Morris being reinstated on January 10?
    ?I don?t know what to expect from him. He?s athletic and started every game last year. He?s been in there practicing. We?ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

    On how Kentucky?s backcourt matches up with Kansas??
    ?Our backcourt has been playing better. Hopefully that will be an advantage for us, but Kansas has a talented backcourt as well. They play a lot of players and they have a lot of depth. They?re a relatively young team but they?re very deep.?

    On Kansas? strengths?
    ?They can push the ball up the court and attack you. Their big men are even better this year than last year. They lost some good players and they?ve done a good job recruiting to get some solid players.?

    On what Kentucky needs to work on?
    ?We?ve been scratching for ways to be more consistent on offense and even on defense. We have shown some improvement in our rebounding. I would like to see us get little better on our fundamentals. It?s a lot of little things, not just the big things.?

    Kentucky Players

    #42 Rekalin Sims
    On playing against Kansas?
    ?From what Coach Smith was telling us, it?s been a long time since Kentucky has played out there. Then last year they came in here and got us. We just have to go out and get a win.?

    On Allen Fieldhouse?
    ?It?s going to be filled with Kansas fans and it won?t be our type of atmosphere. We have to go out there and be ready to play.?

    On Randolph Morris?
    ?He?s always a factor in practice. He has a big body and gets in there and gets rebounds. He makes all of the post players better.?

    #3 Ramel Bradley
    On the atmosphere at Allen Fieldhouse?
    ?I love it when the crowd is going crazy and screaming at you. It just does something to me and pumps me up.?

    On coming off the bench?
    ?We try to get out there and bring the same energy as if you start the game. We try to do what Coach wants us to do.?