Cally Macumber Wins Cowboy Jamboree

Sept. 28, 2013

STILLWATER, Okla. – Cally Macumber won her second-consecutive cross country meet to lead the Kentucky women’s team to a second-place finish at the Oklahoma State Cowboy Jamboree on Saturday.

Macumber has won half of the 10 cross country races she has entered since the start of the 2012 season, a run that includes wins at the 2012 Southeastern Conference Championships and Southeast Regional.

The Kentucky women’s team finished 18 points behind the winners, No. 22 Oklahoma State.

Allison Peare continued her strong 2013 season with a top-10 time of 18:12.24. Anna Bostrom was 12th with a time of 18:24.00, while Taylor Wendler and Cassidy Hale were UK’s No. 4 and 5 finishers respectively.

The UK men’s team placed fifth behind four ranked teams including the top two teams in the nation. Matt Hillenbrand led the way for UK with a 13th-place time of 25:04.52, and he was followed by Adam Kahleifeh, who placed 15th with a time of 25:07.04.

Zack Beavin was the No. 3 Wildcat finisher with a top-25 time of 25:14.91. James Brown and Jared Phillips rounded out Kentucky’s top-five scoring places with respective times of 26:16.68 and 26:19.52. 

Kentucky will race in back-to-back weeks for the first time this season next Saturday at the Greater Louisville Classic.

Men’s Team Results
1. Oklahoma State: 29
2. Northern Arizona: 57        
3. Michigan: 83                    
4. Texas Tech: 114                  
5. Kentucky: 131                           

Men’s Individual Results (Winner and UK Only)

1.  Kennedy Kithuka (Texas Tech): 23:55.27
13. Matt Hillenbrand: 25:04.52
15. Adam Kahleifeh: 25:07.04
23. Zach Beavin: 25:14.91
39. James Brown: 26:16.68
41. Jared Phillips: 26:19.52
44. Zach Kuzma: 26:35.27
46. Mick Iacofano: 26:36.78

Women’s Team Results

1. Oklahoma State:  51      
2.  Kentucky: 69

Women’s Individual Results (UK Only)
1.Cally Macumber: 17:22.26
8. Allison Peare: 18:12.24
12. Anna Bostrom: 18:24.00
22. Taylor Wendler: 18:42.75
26. Cassidy Hale: 18:47.99
30. Amy Hansen: 19:02.99
41. Kristen Hale: 19:25.98