In the Fast Lane with Jose Acevedo

Aug. 1, 2008

Sprinter Jose Acevedo's impressive performance in the 200 meter dash at the Mideast Regional earned the Wildcat an opportunity to compete as a member of his home country of Venezuela's Olympic Track and Field squad. He broke the 200m dash National Record after crossing the line in 20.58. His time beat the Olympic "A" standard (20.59) qualifying him for the games. The rising senior's time ranks third all-time at UK behind former Olympian sprinter Tim Harden.

Leading up to and during the 2008 Beijing Games, Acevedo will periodically submit entries to provide personal insights on his first Olympic experience.

Yesterday, I ran my last race for this season. I ran in front of almost 91,000 people in the stands and millions of people watching me on TV. Once again, the experience cannot be compared with anything else. I could feel every heart on earth pumping and vibrating for those seconds. I wanted to do better. I knew I could do it but there were so many little details.

One of those details was the fact that I kept my fear inside of me and I did not let it show. That fear came back to me at the start and put me out of concentration. Even though my performance was not the best of this long season, I take it as a victory.

Being at the Olympic has been an incredible experience for me and everybody supporting me. I want to thank all of those people that followed me through and the media. I also want to thank my teammates and all of the coaches. I have to thank Erin Tucker who has been an excellent coach and helped me get here. I want to thank my girlfriend and her family whom have supported me all the time. I thank the staff at CATS for their help and cooperation. It's a long list - lol.

I know my family won't be able to understand this, but I want to thank all of them. Even though they have never been in Kentucky they are honorary Wildcats. They have given me everything they can in order to make me who I am. I love them.

If I forgot somebody I'm really sorry, it is hard to remember all of those important people. Once again, thank you for the opportunity to represent you.

I almost forgot thank Jeremy for his wonderful work with the blogs lol...I'll see you guys soon in "Lex-Vegas!"

» MONDAY | AUGUST 11, 2008
Today, I had really good workout. I'm getting to that point where you know that your mind is absolutely in control of your body. That gives me confidence and strength. Tucker and I have been working all year on my technique and I think that we are obtaining what we have been looking for. I feel calm and ready to run. I can't wait to step on the track. I have a dream and a goal. I just have to keep doing what I have done to get here. Tomorrow and Wednesday my body will be recovering. I am going to bed. Good night from the other side of the world, Beijing 2008.

The Opening Ceremony was a dream. There is no word to describe how incredible it was. The stadium was like a little oven, heated by thousands of people waiting to see their teams. It was really hot in there. Even though we waited so long and we were in the oven, those seconds on the parade made my effort and my sacrifices worthwhile. I felt all of the people across the globe watching me during the time walking in front of the crowd and cameras. Once again, thanks to the UK Track and Field team. I miss all of you guys.

I visited the Bird Nest (National Olympic Stadium) and the warm-up track today. Even though we couldn't get inside, I could observe its amazing structure. From the outside, it looks like a big crown which represents the track's royalty. The Olympic environment is unique and special. People from all over the globe come together forgetting about racial, economical and political differences. Sport unifies the world for two weeks and it makes the walls that separate cultures invisible. I will have my first workout tomorrow. Let's see how I feel tomorrow.

» TUESDAY | AUGUST 5, 2008
I finally arrived in Beijing. The reception at the airport was confusing and exciting at the same time. I wasn't really excited when I was in Venezuela but as soon I touched down in China I could feel my emotions and anxiety for running. My body is still devastated by the trip. I hope to recover by getting some sleep tonight.

I could communicate on internet with my family and friends. I talked to my beautiful girlfriend, Jessica. We are separated by miles of ocean and continents but I still can feel her unconditional support. Being away from "My Kentucky Home" reminds me how important people there have become for me. I want to thank people who have helped me to be here in Beijing. It is not necessary for me to say their names they already know who they are.

I am going to sleep. I will meet the track tomorrow.

» MONDAY | AUGUST 4, 2008
We arrived in Paris at 8:00 a.m. after a nine hour flight. I didn't sleep well and my body is asking for the sweet bed that it left at home. Nine hours ago I left my family saying goodbye to me with tears of happiness. Their tears will be taken by my heart to China.

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