Rifle to Hold Blue/White Scrimmage


LEXINGTON, Ky. -- The Kentucky rifle team will hold its annual blue/white scrimmage on Oct. 9 at 8 a.m. ET and lasting all day at Barker Hall, it was announced by head coach Harry Mullins on Thursday.
The Wildcats will split into two different squads, consisting of six shooters per team, with the top four scores in each gun counting towards the team total. As the scrimmage draws closer, Mullins will announce the teams for each side.
"I am very excited for the Blue/White match," Mullins said. "We have a group that has been working really hard getting ready for the season. Our team has learned a lot over the last month and we are eager to see how that will translate into a match-situation. This will be a good chance to see how everyone does when the lights come on and how people respond to the pressure of the match."
Fans will be able to follow along with the action of the scrimmage through a live blog and live targets on UKathletics.com. In addition, fans can keep up to date with the match through Facebook and Twitter updates.
"We have had some really good performances so far this preseason and we can't wait to get the season going," Mullins said. "This is an exceptionally talented group and a hard-working team that has lots of goals it wants to achieve. The blue/white match will be a good starting point for a highly competitive season."