Kentucky Places 81 on SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Student-athletes from all of Kentucky's fall sports teams combined to earn a total of 81 spots on the Southeastern Conference Spring Academic Honor Roll, Commissioner Greg Sankey announced on Wednesday.

A total of 1,002 student-athletes were named to the 2015 Fall SEC Academic Honor Roll.

Any student-athlete who participates in a Southeastern Conference championship sport or a student-athlete who participates in a sport listed on his/her institution’s NCAA Sports Sponsorship Form is eligible for nomination to the Academic Honor Roll. The following criteria will be followed: (1) A student-athlete must have a grade point average of 3.00 or above for either the preceding academic year (two semesters or three quarters) or have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above at the nominating institution. (2) If a student-athlete attends summer school, his/her grade point average during the summer academic term must be included in the calculation used to determine eligibility for the Academic Honor Roll. (3) Student-athletes eligible for the Honor Roll include those receiving an athletics scholarship, recipients of an athletics award (i.e., letter winner), and non-scholarship student-athletes who have been on a varsity team for two seasons. (4) Prior to being nominated, a student-athlete must have successfully completed 24 semester or 36 quarter hours of non-remedial academic credit toward a baccalaureate degree at the nominating institution. (5) The student-athlete must have been a member of a varsity team for the sport’s entire NCAA Championship segment.

Kentucky Representatives:
Kentucky                                  Sport                         Major                           
Zack Beavin                              M Cross Country          Mechanical Engineering
James Brown                             M Cross Country          Agricultural Biotechnology 
Ian Jones                                  M Cross Country          Exercise Science
Tim Layten                               M Cross Country          Journalism 
Ryan Polman                             M Cross Country          Biology
Luke Sharkey                            M Cross Country          Undergraduate Studies
Sean Willard                             M Cross Country          Accounting                   
Aundrea Busse                          W Cross Country          Human Nutrition/Dietetics 
Cassidy Hale                             W Cross Country          Exercise Science
Amy Hansen                             W Cross Country          Animal Sciences
Katherine Kunc                          W Cross Country          Economics 
Caroline McCaslin                       W Cross Country          Biology
Michelle McKinney                     W Cross Country          Human Nutrition
Whitney O’Bryan                       W Cross Country          Biology
Jill Weston                                W Cross Country          Accounting/Equine Science and Management/Economics
Logan Blue                                Football                     Finance/Economics
David Bouvier                            Football                     Business Management
Miles Butler                              Football                     Economics
Will Tom Collins                         Football                     Elementary Education/Social Studies Education
C.J. Conrad                               Football                     Undergraduate Studies
Tanner Fink                              Football                     Political Science
Landon Foster                           Football                     Finance/Marketing
Greg Hart                                 Football                     Integrated Strategic Communication
Nick Haynes                              Football                     Economics/Business Management
Joey Herrick                              Football                     Communication
Jacob Hyde                               Football                     Social Work/Sociology
Jojo Kemp                                 Football                     Community and Leadership Development
Ryan Kendall                             Football                     Business Management
Jarrett LaRubbio                         Football                     Undergraduate Studies
Austin MacGinnis                       Football                     Finance/Business Management/Marketing
Kelly Mason                              Football                     Accounting
Zach Myers                              Football                     Communication
Kendall Randolph                       Football                     Communication
Max Strong                               Football                     Business Management/Finance
Jordan Swindle                          Football                     Exercise Science
Fred Tiller                                 Football                     Community and Leadership Development
Ryan Timmons                          Football                     Community and Leadership Development
Jon Toth                                   Football                     Mechanical Engineering/Spanish
Patrick Towles                           Football                     Business Management/Political Science
Charles Walker                          Football                     Finance/Marketing
Zach West                                Football                     Sociology
Hampus Agerstrom                    M Soccer                    Economics
Kevin Barajas                            M Soccer                    Finance
Nicholas Bigilin                           M Soccer                    Political Science
Alex Bumpus                             M Soccer                    Finance
Ryan Creel                                M Soccer                    Communication
Stuart Ford                               M Soccer                    Community and Leadership Development
Kaelon Fox                                M Soccer                    Business Management 
Noah Hutchins                           M Soccer                    Business Management 
Callum Irving                             M Soccer                    History
Braeden Luna                            M Soccer                    Business Management 
Sam Miller                                M Soccer                    Human Nutrition 
Charlie Reymann                        M Soccer                    Finance
Paul Sime                                 M Soccer                    Political Science 
Stefan Stojkovic                         M Soccer                    Psychology 
Kristoffer Tollefsen                     M Soccer                    Business Management 
Jordan Wilson                            M Soccer                    Finance
Taylor Braun                             W Soccer                    Biosystems Engineering
Alex Carter                                W Soccer                    Human Nutrition
Laura Connor                             W Soccer                    Exercise Science
Jackie Dallaire                            W Soccer                    Social Work
Michaela Dooley                        W Soccer                    International Studies/Political Science
Danielle Fitzgerald                      W Soccer                    Exercise Science
Allie Gorgol                               W Soccer                    Exercise Science
Katelyn Jensen                          W Soccer                    Undergraduate Studies
Olivia Jester                              W Soccer                    Communication
Cara Ledman                             W Soccer                    Secondary Education (English Education)
Kaitlin Miller                              W Soccer                    Exercise Science
Kelly Novak                              W Soccer                    Exercise Science
Kayla Price                                W Soccer                    Biology
Courtney Raetzman                    W Soccer                    Communication
Cailey Warfel                            W Soccer                    Communication
Morgan Bergren                        Volleyball                   Kinesiology and Health Promotion (Teacher Certification)
Kaz Brown                                Volleyball                   Communication
Olivia Dailey                             Volleyball                   Integrated Strategic Communication
Ashley Dusek                            Volleyball                   Integrated Strategic Communication
Emily Franklin                           Volleyball                   Kinesiology and Health Promotion (Teacher Certification)
Harper Hempel                          Volleyball                   Marketing
Darian Mack                             Volleyball                   Information Communication Technology
Sara Schwarzwalder                   Volleyball                   Elementary Education 
Anni Thomasson                        Volleyball                   Kinesiology and Health Promotion (Teacher Certification)

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