Compliance - Current Student-Athletes - Extra Benefits

Extra benefits are a big deal to UK and the NCAA. Currently, there are 43 major cases involving universities and extra benefits. Extra benefits are any special arrangements offered to a student-athlete that is not authorized by the NCAA legislation. Here are some examples of extra benefits:
  • A loan or gift of money
  • A guarantee of bond
  • The use of an automobile
  • Signing or co-signing of a loan
  • Items at reduced costs offered
  • (NCAA Bylaws 16.02.3 & See

    Certainly, these things alone will not constitute an extra benefit. BUT, if something is offered to a student-athlete that is not made readily available to non-student-athletes, this is an extra benefit. We realize these benefits can be tempting but surely, it is not worth losing your eligibility and placing the university on probation for it, is it????