C.A.T.S. Career Development Program

The CATS Career Developments includes providing assistance through the following programs:

Shadowing Program

The Shadowing Program provides student-athletes with a unique opportunity to spend from one-half hour to a half day observing someone working in a field in which they are interested in pursuing for themselves. This objective experience introduces student-athletes to their prospective career fields and helps them to solidify their career and occupational interests.

No course work, college credit, or pay is involved in this program. Allowing student-athletes to ?shadow? throughout the day gives them a chance to see the daily activities of a specific career of which they are interested.

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is an opportunity for working professionals to become closely involved with student athletes, assisting and informing them in both their career and personal development. The mentor will serve as a short-term personal and professional role model for student-athletes interested in their particular field.

Internship Program

The Internship Program provides qualifies student-athletes with semester and / or summer positions directly related to their career plans, enabling them to gain valuable work experience in their chosen profession. Those who provide internship opportunities help student-athletes to more closely examine their career interests also provide valuable experience that will benefit them in the employment process.


The ultimate goal of our Wildcat Career Development Program is placement of our student-athletes in various occupations in the community. We hope that the Shadowing, Mentoring, and Internship programs effectively prepare our student-athletes to succeed as working professionals.