UK Launches

July 9, 2009

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Most every sports team at one time or another has used billboards to promote season tickets or an upcoming big game. But the University of Kentucky is taking it one step further --- make that several "notes" further with this year's outdoor campaign.

Yes, a singing billboard.

UK's Big Blue nation can tune in to 1630 AM in Lexington and 1640 in Louisville and listen to the fight song - "On, On U of K" - around the clock.  Thanks to a radio transmitter placed on the boards, a recording of the fight song can be heard up to a mile away.

 "We've created a statewide football campaign before," said UK's Assistant Athletics Director Jason Schlafer. "And it was time to do something more than a high-impact visual. So we recorded "On, On U of K" with our cheerleaders and gave our fans something to pump them up when they drive around town," continued Schlafer. "The visuals were great, but nothing gets the juices flowing for football like the fight song."

The thinking emerged from an initial direction to take each phrase of the fight song and build visuals around it. Cornett-IMS, the agency of record for UK Athletics, developed the idea for the low frequency radio channel --- along with a photo "Scavenger Hunt" to reward any fan that found and photographed the entire campaign.

To see the entire campaign on line, go to

"I hope our fans love it - and I think they will," says Schlafer. "Especially out in the state. There's only one board that has the song's closing line - Bring Home The Victory - and I can't say where our fans can find it. But trust me, they will!"

The outdoor campaign runs right up to UK's opening home game with cross-state foe Louisville. "There's something about a fight song that can bring a smile to your face when you hear it --- and now our fans can hear it 24/7 anytime they pass our billboards," stated Paul Blodgett, Creative Director of Cornett-IMS.