30 Wildcats on Winter Sports SEC Academic Honor Roll

April 28, 2011

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Thirty University of Kentucky student-athletes were named to the Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll for Winter Sports, the league office announced Thursday.

The 2010-11 Winter SEC Academic Honor Roll is based on grades from the 2010 Spring, Summer and Fall terms.

Any student-athlete who participates in a Southeastern Conference championship sport or a student-athlete who participates in a sport listed on his/her institution’s NCAA Sports Sponsorship Form is eligible for nomination to the Academic Honor Roll. The following criteria should be followed: (1) A student-athlete must have a grade point average of 3.00 or above for either the preceding academic year (two semesters or three quarters) or have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above at the nominating institution. (2) If a student-athlete attends summer school, his/her grade point average during the summer academic term must be included in the calculation used to determine eligibility for the Academic Honor Roll. (3) Student-athletes eligible for the Honor Roll include those receiving an athletics scholarship, recipients of an athletics award (i.e., letter winner), and non-scholarship student-athletes who have been on a varsity team for two seasons. (4) Prior to being nominated, a student-athlete must have successfully completed 24 semester or 36 quarter hours of non-remedial academic credit toward a baccalaureate degree at the nominating institution. (5) The student-athlete must have been a member of a varsity team for the sport’s entire NCAA Championship segment.

Carly Morrow                W. Basketball     Economics
Keyla Snowden             W. Basketball     Communication
Caitlyn Ciokajlo             Gymnastics         Exercise Science
Andrea Mitchell              Gymnastics         Social Work
Storey Morris                 Gymnastics         Community Communications and Leadership Development
Phylicia Reshard            Gymnastics         Marketing
Whitney Rose                Gymnastics         Exercise Science
Caitlin Satkowiak            Gymnastics         Exercise Science
Sarah Broeker                 Rifle                       Communication
Stacy Wheatley                Rifle                       Nursing
John Bullock                    M. Swimming    Finance
Grant Cooksey                 M. Swimming    Mechanical Engineering
John Fox                         M. Swimming    Political Science
Travis Green                    M. Swimming    Biology
Jonathan Keltner              M. Swimming    Business Administration
Tyler Reed                       M. Swimming    Social Studies Education
Matthew Russell               M. Swimming    Psychology
David Sanders                  M. Swimming    Accounting
Maclin Simpson                M. Swimming    Marketing
Claire Archibald                W. Swimming    Accounting
Megan Eppler                   W. Swimming    Nutrition and Food Science
Lisa Faulkner                   W. Swimming    Exercise Science
Lindsey Graessle              W. Swimming    Special Education - Moderate/Severe Disabilities
Amanda Lehotan              W. Swimming    Exercise Science
Anna Mattox                    W. Swimming    Communication Disorders
Jenna Newsome               W. Swimming    Telecommunications
Chatham Penrod              W. Swimming    Management/Finance/Marketing
Chelsea Peterson             W. Swimming    Biology
Kayla Sergesketter           W. Swimming    Communication Disorders
Jenna Willis                    W. Swimming    Psychology