Get to Know the Wildcats

The University of Kentucky athletic department and is proud to announce the launching of a new and exciting way for fans to interact with the Wildcats. The webisodes aired weekly every Wednesday and feature three or more of your Kentucky Wildcats. Watch athletes learn skills from other sports while pop-up bubbles emerge that contain fun facts so fans can learn more about their teams.

With the release of the eighth and final episode (Bloopers) the series is complete.


April 22, 2009: Bloopers

The eighth and final episode of the series is a collection of bloopers, miscues, and outtakes from the filming of the previous seven episodes.

April 15, 2009: Sarah Rumely, Ann Armes, Jeremy Jarmon, Louise Ljungstedt and Carly Ormerod

Voleyball's Sarah Rumely and Ann Armes show Jeremy Jarmon (football), Louise Ljungstedt (golf) and Carly Ormerod (basketball) how to serve, set, and spike.

April 8, 2009: Megan Broderick, Whitney Spencer, Jared Carter, and Trevard Lindley

From the women's tennis team, Megan Broderick and Whitney Spencer show Jared Carter (men's basketball) and Trevard Lindley (football) how to serve and volley.

April 1, 2009: Landon Slone, Buddy Halsell, Hillary Ferguson, and Molly Johnson

Players Landon Slone and Buddy Halsell (men's basketball) teach Hillary Ferguson (gymnastics) and Molly Johnson (softball) the pick-and-roll.

March 25, 2009: Emilee Strot, Meagan Aull, and Shane Eliason

Thrower Emilee Strot of the track & field team teaches softball center fielder Meagan Aull and swimmer Shane Eliason the technique of throwing a shot put.

March 18, 2009: Heather Hite, Andrea Mitchell, Sarah Broeker, and David Jones

Gymnastics' Heather Hite and Andrea Mitchell host Sarah Broeker (rifle) and David Jones (football). Heather and Andrea put David and Sarah through their paces on the uneven bars, floor, and the beam.

March 11, 2009: Victoria Dunlap, Amber Smith, Sarah Mendoza, and Barry Rice

From the women's basketball team, Victoria Dunlap and Amber Smith are joined by Barry Rice (soccer) and Sarah Mendoza (volleyball). Victoria shows Barry the up-and-under post move, while Amber teaches Sarah her famous floater.

March 4, 2009: Tim Masthay, Brandon Austin, and Kate Hughes

In the debut episode, Tim Masthay (football) teaches Brandon Austin (track & field) and Kate Hughes (soccer) how to punt.

March 1, 2009: Introduction/Promo

A preview of the upcoming series, featuring brief scenes of yet-to-be-released episodes.