Early Enrollee Daniel Adjusting to College Life

The transition from high school to college is one of the biggest changes that can happen to a young person, and that transition happens in a very short period of time. Parents are no longer there to cook dinner or wash clothes, and a young person must quickly learn the responsibility that comes with being an adult.  

This transition is difficult enough for young people, but some college athletes have taken it a step further by going to college a semester early and taking classes before they were scheduled to graduate from high school. These early enrollees are missing their high school friends, as well as other high school senior activities, in order to jump start their college experience.

Kentucky linebacker Kash Daniel is experiencing just that, as he arrived in Lexington early in order to get started on his career as a Wildcat. Daniel is a native of Paintsville, Ky., meaning he’s only about two hours from his friends and family, but the transition to college is still difficult.

Daniel has a sparkle in his eye and a smile on his face whenever he mentions his friends back home.

“I randomly FaceTime them all the time asking them how does it feel to be a little high-schooler,” Daniel said. “I give them crap about it all the time but it’s all in good fun. I miss those guys.”

And while the transition to college student may be tough at times, Daniel knows that becoming a Wildcat early does have its perks, including lots of free gear. 

“When I got here I got a backpack and three pairs of shoes,” Daniel said. “All of my buddies back home are like how much free stuff do you get. A lot.”

When Daniel committed to play for Kentucky, he knew he wanted to help build the program, while making memories in the process. Daniel, and the other members of the 2016 signing class, want to help improve the program and put Kentucky back in a bowl game. 

“The process of building something special and knowing that you had something to do with that is really special and it makes you feel really good,” Daniel said. “That’s what we are trying to do here. We haven’t been to a bowl game since 2011 and this group wants to get back to that.” 

Daniel knows that he and his classmates have the chance to make some special memories in Lexington. 

“You know, 20 or 30 years down the road we can all meet up and say ‘hey, do you remember when we beat so-and-so and made it to a bowl game’” Daniel said. “It’s all about memories that you have as a player. All the hard work that we put in to accomplish one goal is just one unbelievable feeling.”

The All-American linebacker hopes to create memories for his teammates and the fans, who can start watching his Wildcat career earlier during spring practice.