China At Last: Flo's World Championships Journal

Kentucky head coach Edrick Floréal is serving as head coach of Team USA at the IAAF World Championships this summer. He and the team arrived at the final destination: Beijing earlier this week. He sent this report to

China at last - 

Some 60-plus coaches and athletes boarded the 3.5-hour Japan airline flight from Narita, Japan, anxious to land in China.

The surprisingly bearable flight gave way to perhaps the largest customs line any of us have ever seen. Two hours later we stepped outside and navigated through the members of the media and autograph seekers on our way to the Kuntai Hotel for accreditation and check-in.

Despite the long wait and humidity this wasn't such a bad trip at all.

But wait, why is Usain Bolt in our hotel lobby? And who forgot to tell us that the Jamaican team is in our hotel?

Imagine the scene as Justin Gatlin and Bolt walked past each other in the lobby, a precursor for what will perhaps be the race of the century.

Yep, Team USA is in China at last!