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We're bringing the best of the UK SportsNetwork to your iPod. Our Podcasts will download to your portable device or in fact to any computer. If you can't tune in during the live show, download the latest Kentucky audio and video every week.

Your best source of weekly info on the Cats Download and take it with you to work out or wherever you take your iPod.

What is Podcasting?
Podcasting is simply a recorded file of the actual show that you can download for later use. iPods store it just like a song so you can dance to the call-in show just like the commercials.

What do I need?
You'll need a computer, iTunes or other software and an iPod or other portable player unless you just want to play the shows on your computer.

How do you get started?
Download and install Podcasting software onto your computer. iTunes is the standard and it will work to organize your downloads even if you don't use an iPod.

Download iTunes:

Big Blue Weekly

Neil Price visits with UK’s Olympic Sports coaches.

The Mark Stoops Show

Coach Mark Stoops and Tom Leach talk UK Football

The John Calipari Show

Coach John Calipari and Tom Leach talk UK Basketball

The Matthew Mitchell Show

Coach Mitchell and Neil Price talk about UK Hoops.