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 Ryan Medeiros
Ryan Medeiros


Bristol, R.I.

High School:
Mt. Hope

Major or intended major at UK: Business Management
Favorite Sport (besides Cheerleading) to Play/Watch: Football
Favorite Food: My father's baked, stuffed shrimp
Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan or on a rainy day, The Notebook
Why did you get into cheerleading/mascoting? In high school one of the superlatives that I was awarded was most school spirited. When I wasn't playing a sport, I would be the loudest cheering trying to get the crowd involved. So since a back flip isn't in my bag of tricks, mascoting seemed to be my outlet and was a great choice and enjoy it greatly.
What are your career goals? I would like to get my Business degree here at UK, but then become a police officer or pursue my career in firefighting.
Not many people know this, but I: Sometimes wish I was tall enough to be the Wildcat.