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 David Patton
David Patton

Graduate Student

Monroe, La.

High School:
Ouachita Parish

Nickname (if you have one): Davey
Major or intended major at UK: Kinesiology
Favorite Sport (besides Cheerleading) to Play/Watch: Gymnastics
Favorite Food: Healthy
Favorite Movie: American Anthem, Peaceful Warrior, and Hercules (Disney version)
Why did you get into cheerleading? I didn't want to be just a number at a big school.
What are your career goals? My dream job is to become a physical therapist for Cirque Du Soleil. When I'm older and settled, I would like to own a multipurpose facility that offers the following services: top-level gymnastics training, physical rehab, and recreational lifting. Not many people know this, but I was once almost fluent in French and had I not choose the path of physical therapy, I would have been inclined to be an international busy major.