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 Lindsey Gatewood
Lindsey Gatewood


Urbana, Md.

High School:

Major or intended major at UK: Merchandising, Apparels, and Textiles
Favorite Sport (besides Cheerleading) to Play/Watch: Football and Basketball
Favorite Food: Sweet Potato Fries
Favorite Movie: The Parent Trap and A Walk to Remember
Why did you get into cheerleading? Ever since I was taught to stunt/thrown around in a pool at a hotel, in Orlando, Fla., when I was seven, I wanted to become a cheerleader.
What are your career goals? Don't have any; other than, to live life with a smile and to be happy with whatever comes my way in the future!
Not many people know this, but I: was born about four months early and weighed about two pounds and three ounces.