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DeNesha Stallworth had 19 points and 11 rebounds in UK's win over Ole Miss on Thursday night. (Chet White, UK Athletics) DeNesha Stallworth had 19 points and 11 rebounds in UK's win over Ole Miss on Thursday night. (Chet White, UK Athletics)
Six days ago, Matthew Mitchell offered a prediction about DeNesha Stallworth, the star forward who was then still trying to find her form after a December knee injury.

"One of these nights she's going to go for 18 or 20 (points) and eight or 10 rebounds and that's when you'll know she's back," Mitchell said last week.

The night was Thursday.

Stallworth nearly hit those forecasted numbers on the head in a 108-78 Kentucky victory. In just 22 minutes against Ole Miss, Stallworth posted 19 points and 11 rebounds.

"It feels good to have our All-American back," Jennifer O'Neill said.

Stallworth made 7-of-12 field-goal attempts in her best performance since her injury, registering her second straight double-double in the process.

"We need to get her the ball a little bit more because we're missing her, but just the effort and the willingness to go to the boards is important," Mitchell said. "It's being talented and being able to get up there and have strong hands."

The senior said afterward that she feels "a hundred percent," an encouraging sign for a UK team trying to shake off a prolonged slump in SEC play during which the Wildcats (18-6, 6-5 Southeastern Conference) lost five times in nine games.

"I think I was kind of a big piece that we were missing, but this is not always all on me," Stallworth said. "I think we all have out little parts as a team. But it just feels good to be back out there and playing hard and playing with a purpose. It's just a great feeling, especially to get a win."

When Stallworth had it going pre-injury, UK was one of the best teams in the country. The Cats sprinted to a 9-0 start with her in the lineup, taking down top-10 opponents Louisville and Baylor in the process. Since then, UK has never looked better than they did against the Rebels (10-16, 1-11 SEC).

"It was exciting to see that we could get back to playing the way we were once before," O'Neill said. "Even though we still have a lot of stuff to work on, it was really good just to get a win."

The win started with entry pass after entry pass.

UK built a first-half lead by getting the ball to Stallworth and she delivered with 10 points and six rebounds. At halftime, Ole Miss head coach Matt Insell -- a Mitchell assistant at UK until last season who received a big ovation when he was introduced in Memorial Coliseum -- had no choice but to adjust.

The inside game established, O'Neill -- the sharp-shooting point guard -- had ample room to operate.

"D's always preaching, 'Throw the ball inside, throw the ball inside,' " O'Neill said. "And we try to play inside-out and sometimes we miss the post a lot -- not sometimes -- we miss the post a lot and it was just good because it made her draw more attention and it allowed me to get open easier."

Taking advantage, O'Neill was dominant in the second half. She poured in 19 of her 27 points after the break, drilling 5-of-6 shots from the field and 3-of-3 from beyond the arc.

Watching O'Neill and Stallworth playing well together, it's not difficult to remember why UK was so good to start the season.

"They're real good when DeNesha Stallworth plays," Insell said. "They're even better when Jennifer O'Neill plays. And so you get both of those clicking together on the same night like they had tonight, that's a team right there that has a chance to play in Nashville."

The Cats have a trip to the Volunteer state on their mind, but to a city about 180 miles east of this year's Final Four site.

"It just felt fantastic, especially going into the next game versus Tennessee," Stallworth said of UK's Sunday trip to Knoxville, Tenn.

Video: Highlights from UK Hoops' Ole Miss win

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Live blog: UK Hoops vs. Ole Miss

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UK will host Ole Miss on Thursday at 7 p.m. ET in its annual Play4Kay game. (Britney Howard, UK Athletics) UK will host Ole Miss on Thursday at 7 p.m. ET in its annual Play4Kay game. (Britney Howard, UK Athletics)
Matthew Mitchell saw positives in Kentucky's 86-80 loss to Florida on Sunday.

The Wildcats turned in one of their best offensive efforts of Southeastern Conference play, shooting 56.3 percent in the second half in nearly coming from a double-digit deficit.

The silver lining, however, was merely a reminder of the issues that have plagued UK of late.

"We scored 80 points and that was good," Mitchell said. "It's just been difficult. Some games we've held teams in the 50s and then we don't score. And then the day we score 80, we give up 86 and so that was tough."

Game to game, Mitchell doesn't know what to expect from his team. He needs look no further in search of reasons for UK's five losses in nine games.

"Just the lack of consistency's what hurting us right now," Mitchell said. "If we ever get that going in practice, we're going to be in really good shape. When we were playing really well early in the season, we were very, very consistent with what we were doing."

That fact is what Mitchell is counting on as he looks ahead to the remainder of the season. The Cats know what they are capable of because they've already done it. They know they can compete with the best because they're already beaten the likes of Louisville and Baylor.

"We're not a team that's dreaming about having good players and being able to make things happen," Mitchell said. "We can do it, so for me right now you just can't give into frustration, you can't give into negative thoughts and you can't give into discouragement."

Kastine Evans - whom Mitchell counts on as a team leader along with Bria Goss - feels the same way. That's why she's altered her approach to dealing with her teammates, trying to uplift them with text messages rather than berate them for mistakes.

"I think I've been a lot more vocal and encouraging (not) so much as criticism or constructive criticism just because that's something that we've needed," Evans said. "It's hard when the coaches are on you and somebody who's at the equal level as you because I'm playing with my teammates to also try to more critical."

No. 18/18 UK (17-6, 5-5 SEC) will look to prove that approach is working when the Cats host Ole Miss (10-15, 1-10 SEC) in its annual Play4Kay game. Both teams will wear pink uniforms and UK is encouraging fans to wear pink of their own for the game, which will tip at 7 p.m. ET in Memorial Coliseum.

"It's going to be a tough game," Mitchell said. "Ole Miss is certainly a team that has some explosive athletes, one of the best point guards that I've seen in the conference in (Valencia) McFarland and (Tia) Faleru is a very explosive post player that can drive the basketball and just plays with great, great energy and can make an impact on the boards."

The most familiar face on the Ole Miss sideline will be Matt Insell, who spent five seasons as an assistant under Mitchell at UK before being named the Rebel head coach this offseason.

"We speak pretty frequently," Mitchell said. "I mean, we spent a lot of time together in the trenches and have a real strong friendship and he's done a lot for this program and contributed a lot and I certainly was proud for him to be able to move and realize his dream of being a head coach, especially in the SEC."

As warm as the feelings may be between the two, they'll be put aside for two hours on Thursday night.

"We want to beat him really bad tomorrow night if we can, but when we are not in that arena I'm there to support him," Mitchell said. "And he's supported me a bunch over the years, I'm telling you. He's really been a great friend to me, so it's a relationship that I think's built on some friendship and some mutual respect for one another."

Video: Mitchell's pre-Ole Miss press conference

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It's impossible to pinpoint the exact genesis of UK Hoops' January slump, but the problems that led to the were on display for the first against Florida.

After the 83-73 defeat, Matthew Mitchell bemoaned the fact that the Gators simply played with more passion than his Wildcats.

"I am just so disappointed that happened and that we were outplayed from an energy standpoint and from a focus standpoint," Mitchell said on Jan. 5. "It looked like it meant a lot more to them than it did to us."

It was a tune Mitchell found himself singing far too often as UK lost four times in seven games.

"We just looked like a team that I thought was entitled to win, felt like they were entitled to win the game," Mitchell said, reflecting on the game more than a month later.

Mitchell went on to say the Cats played like a team that expected to win by virtue of the incredible success they have had on their home floor of Memorial Coliseum. The belief was reinforced as UK took a nine-point lead at the 12-minute mark of the second half after trailing by double digits.

"We were able to get it flipped and go up and I thought that hurt us probably even more," Mitchell said. "They were like, 'Well, this is what we thought. We're going to win the game.' We lost a lot of composure when it got close down at the end, so that would be the best way to describe it. I just thought we sort of felt like we were going to win the game no matter what."

Now facing a rematch with Florida (16-7, 6-4 Southeastern Conference), it's hard to imagine No. 15/13 UK (17-5, 5-3 SEC) will feel the same way.

"They really took it to us here in Lexington and beat us pretty badly on our home court, so we definitely have to focus in on a very good opponent and try to get prepared this afternoon and tomorrow for what we know will be a tough game," Mitchell said. "It's always a tough game with Florida."

Though they certainly won't assume victory, the Cats have reason to be confident this time around. They are coming off an impressive home victory over top-15 LSU and have tried to build on that during a bye week before a trip to Gainesville, Fla. The focus has been entirely on building team closeness.

"Our whole key is we have to have a team mentality," Mitchell said. "We can't have a collection of individuals playing individually well. We really have to come together as a team. Our whole deal is playing for each other and great energy on the court, great energy on the bench."

Mitchell says UK is "making progress," but he isn't about to pronounce his team as being over the proverbial hump.

"We didn't start playing that way overnight and I think it's been some great stuff that we've been able to do as a team to try to see if we can get the situation to where we can become our best," Mitchell said.

Just as UK's struggles didn't start all at once against Florida, the Cats can't prove they are over against the Gators. That will take time.

"I think you're going to have to let it play out here over the last seven games of the conference season," Mitchell said. "The team needs to play well and win some games and get into the NCAA Tournament and take advantage of the SEC Tournament and see what happens."

Bria Goss scored a team-high 11 points in UK's 63-56 win over No. 14/14 LSU on Sunday. (Britney Howard, UK Athletics) Bria Goss scored a team-high 11 points in UK's 63-56 win over No. 14/14 LSU on Sunday. (Britney Howard, UK Athletics)
After a loss at Georgia on Thursday, the Kentucky Wildcats had dropped four of their last seven games and were searching for answers.

In the midst of that prolonged slump, Matthew Mitchell knows every second of practice counts. But on Friday, he bypassed the chance to take the court with his team.

There was more important work to be done.

"We didn't take the floor Friday," Mitchell said. "We just sat in a room and weren't leaving until we got some things straightened out about how we are going to move forward."

You see, Mitchell didn't think drills or running would cure UK's ills, at least not right away.

"I am telling you, this is not a physical thing," Mitchell said. "It is mental. It is a mindset."

Instead, the Cats spent the afternoon watching film, talking through the reasons they had gone from unbeaten barely six weeks ago to questioning their talent.

"Friday was intense, even though we didn't get on the court," Samarie Walker said. "It was kind of like a tell-all meeting. He was being very open and honest with us; we were being very open and honest with him."

With everything on the table, UK went back to work on Saturday, making up for lost time with back-to-back "great" practices. On Sunday, that work -- first mental, then physical -- paid off in a 63-56 win over No. 14/14 LSU (17-5, 6-3 Southeastern Conference).

"I am just so proud of them for pulling together and getting this victory," Mitchell said. "This was one of the top teams in the country and we are not playing particularly well right now and we have to find ourselves and to gut this one out and find a way to win is huge."

No. 13/12 UK (17-5, 5-4 SEC) went back to its roots to get it done, relying on stingy defense and capitalizing on LSU mistakes. The Tigers shot just 32.3 percent from the field and UK scored 25 points off 18 LSU turnovers to claim a slugfest in front of 6,333 fans in Memorial Coliseum.

"We're going to have off nights, but we should never have an off defensive night," said Bria Goss, who led a balanced scoring effort with 11 points. "So we can bring our defense a hundred percent of the time and just relying on our defense is just going to get us to the next step."

Jennifer O'Neill, who added 10 points in just 15 minutes off the bench, says the performance was all about transferring good practice habits to the game.

"We've been going like cutthroat, really going at each other one on one," O'Neill said. "We have a lot of drills where you play for the team you're on and we just wanted to bring that to the court today."

Perhaps the best example of that was freshman Makayla Epps, who hadn't scored a point in exactly a month after a strong start to her freshman season. Epps had to listen to some hard truths in that Friday meeting, but she didn't put her head down.

"She is unbelievably talented and strong and skilled and gifted and was just doing nothing for us," Mitchell said. "I think she probably did one of the best jobs I have ever seen a freshman just really, really getting taking to task in a film session and actually showing up the next day and trying to correct it."

Epps was quiet in five first-half minutes, but turned in one of the game's most important stretches with less than seven minutes left in the second. With LSU looking to make a run behind freshman Raigyne Moncrief -- who had a game-high 19 points -- Epps scored seven straight points in the span of less than two minutes to keep UK's lead in double digits.

"She wasn't trying to step outside her role," O'Neill said. "She was trying to do the things she was doing in practice like attacking the basket and trying to look to get the ball inside to the post."

Pleased as they may be with the win, Epps and the Cats have no choice but to attack practice the way they did Saturday.

"It's just all about being consistent," Goss said. "This game was a really good game for us and it looked like we were back to Kentucky's way of playing. It won't mean anything if we go back to being down and low-energy."

Asked a question about whether his team had overcome its January lull for good, Mitchell took the "out-of-the-woods" metaphor as far as he could think to do.

"We are working hard and in the woods right now trying to get through some briar patches and get some machetes out and hack our way through," Mitchell said. "We are not even close to being out of the woods yet. We have a lot of work to do."

Live blog: UK Hoops vs. LSU

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Video: Mitchell's pre-LSU press conference

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Video: Mitchell's pre-Georgia press conference

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