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Video: UK's 2013 'see blue' commercial

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Video: Tour UK's newest residence halls

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Link: K Week to kick off academic year

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There's excitement in the air around Lexington as students return to campus for the start of the 2013-14 academic year. Classes begin on Aug. 28, but first comes K Week.

Starting on Friday, Aug. 23 and lasting through Aug. 31, K Week is the best way for students to get their year started. UKnow takes it from there:

For nearly 5,000 students, Friday, Aug. 23, marks the beginning of their collegiate career at UK, either as an incoming freshman or as a transfer student. It also kicks off one of the most exciting times on campus - K Week.

K Week runs from Friday, Aug. 23, through Saturday, Aug. 31, and is a popular UK tradition - a week filled with more than 250 events and activities that help students get oriented with campus, get involved with student life and get connected to the city of Lexington. K Week is known as "the best way to get started at UK," and is a great opportunity to make new friends, explore all the university has to offer and have some fun along the way.

Make sure to check out the complete K Week breakdown here and the video from last year's event below.

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