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Link: introduces Wildcat Code

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By now, you've likely caught wind of the Wildcat Code. John Calipari has made mention of the system on a few occasions and Dominique Hawkins let some details out back in May.

But still, the system remained shrouded in mystery, at least until now.

On Friday -- giving a sneak peak at a story that will appear in the Official 2013-14 Kentucky Basketball Yearbook -- describes how and why Calipari adopted the Wildcat Code. It started with strength and conditioning coach Ray "Rock" Oliver, who was trying to come up with a way to push the Wildcats on the heels of a disappointing 2012-13 season.

One day, sitting in Coach Cal's office, Oliver had an idea that would not necessarily change the culture of the program and work ethic of the players, but ensure that standards were met with a strict outline of accountability. Oliver wasn't exactly sure how the code would look, what it would entail or how Calipari would even respond to it, but he knew Coach Cal was an idea man who could take his thought and flesh it out.

The result was the Wildcat Code, a points-based system that rewards players for meeting their athletic, academic and leadership responsibilities. At the core of the code is accountability. While playing basketball at the University of Kentucky offers certain opportunities, there are privileges which must be earned.

"We have the best facilities in the country, the greatest fans in all of sports and the most efficient tools to help you reach your dreams," the Code reads. "But none of that is given. All of it is earned. And starting today, you will be graded on your work ethic, your character and your leadership."

The Wildcat Code originally began as a summer-only program, but was so successful that Oliver, Calipari and academic adviser Michael Stone decided to carry it forward as the Cats prepare for a season they'll likely enter ranked No. 1. To learn all about it, check out Eric Lindsey's complete story.

Wildcat Code: In the UK basketball program, everything is earned

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