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Measurements added to official men's basketball roster

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Time will tell whether John Calipari's 2013-14 team lives up to its remarkable potential remains, but there's no doubt these Wildcats are going to be big.

Heights and weights were added to the men's basketball team's official roster on Friday morning and opposing coaches already have to be wondering how to get shots off. UK has two players listed at 7-foot (Dakari Johnson and Willie Cauley-Stein) and 10 listed at 6-6 or taller, including Andrew and Aaron Harrison and James Young.

Here's the roster:

Roster 1314.jpg The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the roster is lineup possibilities. Say, for example, Coach Cal wants to go big. It might look something like this:

G - Andrew Harrison - 6-6, 215
G - Aaron Harrison - 6-6, 218
F - Julius Randle - 6-9, 250
F - Willie Cauley-Stein - 7-0, 244
C - Dakari Johnson - 7-0, 265

Perhaps even more amazing is a potential "small" UK five.

G - Andrew Harrison - 6-6, 215
G - Aaron Harrison - 6-6, 218
G - James Young - 6-6, 215
F - Alex Poythress - 6-8, 239
F - Julius Randle - 6-9, 250

For a little perspective, UK's average height with that lineup would be 6-7. According to, only two teams in the country (Princeton at 6-7.2 and Syracuse at 6-7.1) had taller average heights during the 2012-13 season. UK's big lineup comes in at an astounding average height of 6-9. No team since the 2006-07 team has had an average height of more than 6-7.4.

Note: calculates average height by averaging the heights of each player on the roster and weighting each by minutes played. Players on the floor for less than 10 percent of minutes on the season are not included.

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