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Link: Getting to know new Wildcat Dakari Johnson

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Dakari Johnson might be the most imposing physical presence to wear a Kentucky uniform since DeMarcus Cousins. Listed at 6-foot-11, 260 pounds, Johnson possesses a body made to mix it up in the paint.

And perhaps most importantly, Johnson knows it. Johnson is aware of his strengths and not afraid to exploit them.

Here's an excerpt from his profile on

Standing at a healthy 6-foot-11, 260 pounds, Johnson has always been bigger than just about anybody else he's ever played against. He was 6-4 in seventh grade, and he sprouted to about 6-8, 6-9 by the time he was in eighth grade.  He was always the big kid everybody tried to grab on to when he got the ball in the paint, the kid that parents would complain about being unfair competition for their 5-10 child.

Unlike some of Kentucky's recent big men, most notably Anthony Davis, Johnson didn't learn the game as a guard and blossom into a low-post threat. He's been a traditional center from day one, and he's never shied away from that.

"I was a little uncomfortable with my body just growing into it," Johnson said. "Once I got adjusted to it, it was great."

He isn't one of those big guys who wish they were a guard deep down, or one of those lanky forwards who like to roam the perimeter and try to shoot 3s or take his man off the dribble. That's not who he is.

Johnson is a center through and through. In a day and age where players want to be known for their versatility and ability to play at multiple positions, Johnson embraces his position in the paint. He knows he's best at beating the opposition on the block with his strength. Perhaps that's why (high school coach Kevin) Boyle has praised him so often for his basketball IQ.

"I like it," Johnson said. "I like rebounding. I like banging down low. That's what I do best, so why would I try to go away from it? I use it to my advantage."

Those words have to make UK fans happy, as will most everything he has to say in his interview with Eric Lindsey as part of the "Meet the Wildcats" series. Check out the full story to read about Johnson's relationship with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, why he chose Kentucky and the pride he takes in making his family proud.

Link: Johnson motivated to make support system proud (with video)

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