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Link: Beckham, Hood, Polson to graduate this weekend

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Earlier this week, John Calipari wrote about the "untold story" of Kentucky basketball. Everyone knows about the success UK has had during Coach Cal's four-year tenure, but the way the Wildcats have excelled in the classroom hasn't gotten the same attention.

Not only have the Wildcats had a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average over the last three years, but all seven student-athletes who have been eligible to graduate at the end of his senior year have done so.

Three more names are about to be added to that list.

On Sunday in Rupp Arena, Twany Beckham, Jon Hood and Jarrod Polson will receive their college degrees at UK's 146th May Commencement. UKnow has a story on the three. Here's what they had to say about graduating:


"My experience at UK has been great. I just want to thank all the coaches, especially Coach Cal (Calipari), for giving me the opportunity to come here."

"It's tough because basketball, especially at the University of Kentucky, requires a lot. You just have to stay focused. You have to put the same time that you put into basketball into the classroom if you really want to be successful."

"Just coming to UK humbled me a lot, and I feel like I grew up. It made me sit back and look at things from a whole different perspective and just enjoy life and the college experience. Being at UK, I've gotten to meet some really great people and have some really great teammates."


"It wasn't easy. The first two years, I had a hard time with managing my time, as far as schoolwork and separating it from basketball."

"Everyone supports you in basketball all over the state, but they also support you in the classroom and as a person. People here in the [UK athletics department], media relations department, coaches, fans ... want to see you succeed."


"I am very honored to be able to graduate in three years."

Link: Beckham, Hood, Polson to graduate this weekend

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