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Video: Stoops, Eliot on UK's Wednesday practice, Rumph's injury

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After hearing for the last week and a half about the pace with which Kentucky is practicing under Mark Stoops, the media got a chance to see it up close.

On Wednesday, Stoops opened the Nutter Field House to the media for the entirety of UK's Wednesday practice, the sixth of the spring. Those in attendance saw an energetic coaching staff lead a still-learning team through a two-hour-plus indoor session. There were positives, there were negatives and everything in between, but it all happened with speed and enthusiasm.

"Both sides had some good and had some bad," Stoops said. "I thought the offense did some really good things early and then the second half of the practice they dipped a little bit."

The big news from Wednesday, however, was an injury sustained by senior defensive tackle Donte Rumph. Rumph had been UK's most consistent player on the defense according to Stoops, but went down with an unspecified injury on Monday. The injury is being evaluated on Wednesday.

"It looks like it's fairly a significant," Stoops said. "He may be out for a while and he may require some surgery. We'll see."

Further details on the injury will be released later, but the Wildcats will go about the business of trying to replace Rumph in the meantime.

"He was consistent and was playing extremely well and he's a leader," defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot said. "He's a senior and he's been there, so we're just going to have to fill that void for the rest of the spring until he gets back."

Stay tuned over the next day or two for more on UK's open practice. Until then, here are video interviews with Stoops and Eliot.



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