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Link: Erik Korem the face of UK's new 'high-performance' pursuits

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You've heard Mark Stoops talk about it briefly. You've heard the buzz on Twitter. You've seen the behind-the-scenes videos showcasing Kentucky football's offseason workouts.

For all those morsels of information, fans still didn't know exactly what was going on with the new high-performance program Stoops has instituted in his first months on the job. If you're starved for more, Jen Smith's story in the Lexington Herald-Leader from a few days ago about the revolutionary program going on at UK and the man leading it, Erik Korem, is the place to start.

Here's an excerpt:

In many ways, UK's players could be the guinea pigs for a football training revolution.

"There are quite a few NFL teams that are wanting to come down and take a look at what we're doing," Korem said. "So we here at Kentucky are at the very front and people are going to want to follow us. And it's not just me; it's our group. We're going to be on the leading edge."

Healthier, faster, stronger

On an 8½ -by-11 sheet of white paper, the "high-performance" concept looks as unassuming as Korem's cramped office, which he shares with the strength and conditioning coach.

At its core it takes the standard model for sports preparation in America -- physical, mental, tactical and technical -- and brings them together under one umbrella.

Holding that Big Blue umbrella is Korem.

Over the coming weeks of spring practice and months into the summer and fall camp, you can expect to read much more. And if Stoops gets the kind of results he's hoping for, it won't be long until his competitors are mimicking him.

Link: Erik Korem the face of UK's new 'high-performance' pursuits

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