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Video: Duff, teammates excited about Top 10 appearance

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Pool day is an annual tradition at Kentucky football's fall camp. The Wildcats get a short break from the grind of meetings and practices with a little time to have fun.

Over his three seasons on the team, walk-on Steven Duff has been one of the things his teammates most look forward to on pool day. "Human highlight Duff," as Joker Phillips calls him, uses his sneakily athletic 6-foot, 332-pound frame to do all kinds of tricks off the diving board.

On Wednesday, with the release of the video above on UK's official YouTube channel, Kentucky fans were let in on the Duff secret as his diving exploits circulated the Internet. On Thursday, the video went a whole different kind of viral as SportsCenter put Duff in its Top 10 Plays segment. The Wildcats were all eating together on Thursday morning when they learned about it.

"Nobody knew about it," Duff said. "We just kind of looked up there and we saw 'Kentucky football.' We were all surprised. It was pretty funny. We just erupted. It was pretty cool."

Since joining the team in 2009, Duff has served as a practice player helping prepare his teammates. He has impressed the coaching staff with his leadership and has been selected for the Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll each of the past two seasons.

"Nobody's more excited for Duff than me and this whole football team," Phillips said.

Except for maybe Duff himself. New Twitter followers and Facebook friends have come streaming in and Duff's mother rushed home to record the Top 10 as soon as she learned he had made an appearance.

"I'm super proud of that," Duff said. "It's definitely cool. It'd be nice to have our team on there a couple times this year, but I'll definitely take being on there before the season too."

Duff spoke to the media on Thursday about his newfound fame. Watch what he had to say in the video below.

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