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Smith, Newton tweet reactions to QB decision

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Oftentimes, Twitter is where the truth comes out for college-age young people. Sometimes, that truth isn't pretty.

The Josh Harrellson episode of almost two years ago now - has it really been that long? - introduced everyone at Kentucky to some of the dangers of social media. But in the end, it worked out well for everyone involved.

In the wake of Monday's decision by Joker Phillips to name Max Smith his starter at quarterback, another such moment was not out of the realm of possibility. Smith could have been far less than humble in reacting to the news, and Morgan Newton easily could have reacted negatively.

In comments to the media immediately after the announcement
, Smith and Newton were gracious in the face of excitement and disappointment, respectively. But how would they respond with the cameras off and the only their typing fingers and a smart phone between them and thousands of followers? No differently, it turns out.

Minutes after his time with the press was over, Smith had a short message to pass along:
Newton was quiet about the decision until this morning when he had time to process the news:
It's hard not to be impressed by the way both players have responded to the quarterback decision, especially Newton. Smith and Newton have important, though different, roles on this team now. Their reactions bode well for how they will fill them.

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