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Link: Women's Clinic helped fan understand game, enjoy time with players, coaches

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Last weekend, the Kentucky football team hosted its annual Women's Clinic at Commonwealth Stadium. The event gave female Wildcat fans of all different levels of knowledge to interact with players and coaches and learn about the game.

Attendee Lauren Colwell wrote about the Women's Clinic for Vaught's Views this week:

Nancy Fugate of Jackson is also anxious to get the season started. "I'm looking forward to being familiar with the players and meeting the coaching staff and seeing the behind-the-scenes aspect of what it takes to run this football team," said Nancy.

Jenny Bradley of Wolfe County was looking forward to Coach Rick Minter's presentation. "He helps us understand plays better and the laid-back atmosphere for this entire day, the accessibility of players and coaches, just makes this a great clinic. Joker and the players are relaxed, nothing is rushed, and we can take our time, talk and have fun!"

Lisa Ellis, who works behind-the-scenes in the football office to put on the clinic each year, says planning for the clinic begins as soon as the previous one is over. "I'm always thinking, 'What can we do better next year.' In April, I start thinking of gift ideas, sending reminders to people, and getting things going. We all work together to pull this off and we enjoy it. We are working today, but if you look around, everyone is laughing and having a great time. The players and coaches really enjoy the clinic and interacting with the women."

Link: Women's Clinic helped fan understand game, enjoy time with players, coaches

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