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Barnhart, team complete Kilimanjaro climb

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It was an audacious undertaking, but Mitch Barnhart and his fellow climbers reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro over the weekend.

On Sunday, the Kentucky Athletics Director was nearly 20,000 feet above sea level atop Africa's tallest peak. Barnhart's guide - Mark Tucker from RMI Expeditions - checked in with this report from the peak:

Darned if I'm not standing on the top of Africa!  Here on Uhuru Peak with the team. Everybody's looking good.  A little beat up but not so bad; no issues.  We're taking a few shots. It was a cold and windy one. Man, freezing, all layers on. But these guys know how to climb, they demonstrated it. They all did it with great style and impeccable technique. We're looking forward to a safe descent and back to that high camp sooner than later.  All is well, we'll check in again later.

Not long after, Tucker reported that the trek back down the mountain was complete:

Mark Tucker checking in from Tanzania here at our last camp on this trip of Kilimanjaro.  We are all down safe and sound; good spirits and good health.  What a day! Beautiful summit, chilly and windy.  Hopefully you got that message from the top. We pushed our way down to 10,000', so a 9,000' descent. Everybody's feeling it. Ready to go to sleep. A great meal.  Looking forward to getting up pretty early and getting out of here. Have a nice celebration and take care of our fabulous local staff that has been providing us with this great service. I'd love to think we could do it without them but we'd be here for a couple of months. Everybody back home, all your friends and family are in great shape. Everybody did a fantastic job of doing what they could on the mountain. We'll check in after a good night's rest.

Here's a photo from the summit from RMI's blog:


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