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Link: Coach Cal posts off-season letter to players

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Each offseason, John Calipari writes a letter to each one of his players for the upcoming season. It outlines his priorities for the year and helps his newcomers and returners focus during the summer months.

On Tuesday, Coach Cal posted the letter he sent to the players on his website. He sent the same version to each player and Kyle Wiltjer's name was included as an example. Here's an excerpt:

When last season ended, we were at the White House and I made this statement, "I may never coach a team like this again. They shared and sacrificed for each other like no other team I've coached or seen." Notice, I talked nothing about talent, only about team!

Kyle, that is our challenge this season. Can we become the best team in the country? Will we share? Last year seven players averaged 25 points in high school, but no one averaged more than 11 shots and all seven lead us in scoring at least once! Will we share? "It's amazing what gets done when no one cares who gets the credit."

Will we be our brother's keeper? Will you play more for your brother than yourself? The game becomes easy when you think less of you and more about helping a teammate. If we all do that, you will always be on the court with four people playing for you. The game becomes easier and more fun to play and watch!

Here is a link to the complete letter.

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