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Capilouto delivers message about celebration safety

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With Kentucky on the precipice of its eighth national championship, school president Dr. Eli Capilouto is communicating an important message to the university community:

The excitement over Saturday's victory against the Cardinals was quickly dampened by the irresponsible and destructive behavior of some UK students and community members. The illegal and dangerous actions of a small minority detracted from honoring the student-athletes who have worked tirelessly to represent UK at a national level.
Celebration of our team's achievement is important. But when our actions endanger the lives of students, neighbors, law enforcement, and safety officials, we've crossed a critical line. Illegal behavior that jeopardizes the safety and well-being of others will not be tolerated, and those who cross that line will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law and, where applicable, The Code of Student Conduct.
We have the opportunity to make history by winning our eighth national championship. Moreover, we have the chance to change the poor perception created by the civil unrest Saturday night and show the world that we are a leading Flagship and Land Grant Research University.
I implore you to be safe, be respectful, and don't be stupid.
We at UK Athletics echo the words of the president. Celebrations of UK's Final Four win over Louisville turned destructive and dangerous, putting people at risk and bringing negative national attention to UK on what should have been only a joyous occasion: We ask you to be safe and responsible should the Cats bring home number eight.

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