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From the Pressbox: Jones joins 1,000-point club, Lamb close

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Terrence Jones recently joined an exclusive club, becoming only the fifth player to join UK's 1,000-point club in only two seasons. Going into the Indiana game on Friday night, he ranks 55th all-time.  

The others are Bill Spivey (38th), Rex Chapman (50th), Bob Burrow (56th) and Ron Mercer (57th).

And Doron Lamb can become the sixth two-year player to notch that achievement.  He needs 49 points to do it.

Indiana connections

With Kentucky facing the Hoosiers tonight, it's worth noting that the 1,000-point club includes three former Indiana high school stars:  Louie Dampier, Kyle Macy and Jim Master.

While Marquis Teague stay at UK long enough to become the fourth?

There is another interesting Hoosier state angle for tonight's matchup.

Kentucky's record against Indiana in NCAA Tournament play is 2-1 and both wins featured an Indiana native in the starting lineup (Mike Flynn in 1975 and Master in 1983).

Strickland compares Davis to NBA MVP

There are many qualities about Anthony Davis that draw praise, but there's one comparison to one of John Calipari's all-time best proteges: Derrick Rose.

"He (Davis) reminds me of Derrick Rose in his temperament," said Rod Strickland, a special assistant to Coach Cal, on the coach's weekly UK-IMG Network radio show last Monday. "I've never seen either one of them get flustered."

Cats need to negate physical play now more than ever

"That doesn't guarantee success, but it gives you your best opportunity."

That's what coach Calipari says about a team "peaking" at tournament time. Calipari says his strategy for having his team at its best involves both physical and mental components.

"Let's have fresh minds and fresh legs. Let's not overwhelm them with tape, let's not overwhelm them with practice. Let's get them together so they're family and get them to rely on each other. Right now, it's March and we're playing pretty well," said Calipari.

He notes that the message in recent weeks has been for his players to focus on playing "harder, faster, sharper." And Calipari says they must understand that every opponent is in a do-or-die mode.

"Teams are going to play desperate. The season's over (if they lose). Yes, we're everybody's Super Bowl (during the season) but they also know they have more games left if they don't win--so sometimes they'll give up on a game with a couple of minutes to go. No one will now," Calipari explained. "They're going to play physically because their life depends on it.  You have to negate physical play."

Road success no guarantee in tourney

Success in true road games is one stat some pundits will cite at March Madness time, in an effort to identify teams that will do well.  But CBS college basketball writer Gary Parrish says it is overrated.

"Last year's Final Four teams, all of them combined, had a losing record in road games.   Yes, winning on the road, says something about a team," Parrish said, "but just because you can't win on the road doesn't mean you can't win in the NCAA Tournament."

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