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Link: Mitchell the 2012 spokesperson for Teachers Who Made a Difference

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Kentucky women's basketball head coach Matthew Mitchell still remembers how much of an impact his teachers made on his life throughout school. The example of those teachers inspired him to become one himself when he began his career after college, as he taught history while he was a high school coach. Now that Mitchell is a college coach, he still views himself as a teacher above all else.

With that in mind, Mitchell is looking to do something to help honor those that are helping mold children on a daily basis:

Mitchell's passion for teaching led him to be the 2012 spokesperson for the Teachers Who Made a Difference program. Sponsored by the University of Kentucky College of Education, the program gives individuals an opportunity to thank the teachers, principals, college professors or other educators who have inspired and motivated them to succeed.

The coach says he wants to help honor educators that have positively influenced their students, just as his former teachers have influenced him.

"After my parents, my teachers probably had the most positive impact on my life."

More than 100 educators were recognized as a part of the program last year and the UK College of Education is now accepting nominations on its website at

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