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Video: UK moves practice indoors on Wednesday

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Joker Phillips and the Kentucky coaching staff made the decision to move practice indoors on Wednesday as the Cats prepare for this weekend's game against Vanderbilt. After practice, Phillips spoke to the media about the session.

"It was a little windy today and we thought about going out and practicing in the wind," Phillips said, "but I thought it was more important that we got the ball thrown and caught."

With Maxwell Smith making just his second career start and first on the road, working inside gave the freshman quarterback and his receivers a chance to continue to build confidence. Practicing in the comforts of the recently renovated Nutter Indoor Training Facility also made the simulated crowd noise used on Wednesday that much louder.

Assuredly, Smith has been congratulated walking around campus after his breakout performance and first career win against Ole Miss, but Phillips isn't the least bit concerned about Smith's head getting too big for his own good.

"You get humbled when you come back in here," Phillips said. "Coach Sanders has done a good job of keeping him level-headed."

Returning to practice after missing Tuesday with injury were defensive tackles Donte Rumph and Mister Cobble, as well as wide receiver Matt Roark. Phillips was especially happy to have the two big linemen back because of the way they've transformed the defense this season.

"Those guys, getting inserted in there, have really changed the way people try to attack us," Phillips said. "You can't attack us because those guys are big blocks that hold the point of attack."

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