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Link: SEC Digital Network gets in immersion course in UK Rifle

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Rifle head coach Harry Mullins talks to Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart. (UK Athletics) Rifle head coach Harry Mullins talks to Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart. (UK Athletics)
Sean Cartell of the SEC Digital Network, a University of Kentucky alumnus, was in Lexington last week to take in Big Blue Madness. While he was here, he spent some time around Harry Mullins, the head coach of UK rifle, the reigning NCAA championship program. Cartell interviewed Mullins and spent some time on the range learning how to shoot.

At this link, Cartell has a first person account of experience on the range and a question and answer with Mullins that addresses winning the school's first national title, some of the basics of rifle and how the sport has developed at UK over the years.

Here is an excerpt, but make sure you give the whole piece a read:

It's back to business for Mullins as his team begins pursuit of its second consecutive national title. His teams have always been in relentless pursuit of improvement and, just because the Wildcats now have an NCAA Title to their credit, this year will be no different.

"I have tasked this team right out of the gates," Mullins said. "If they want to be the NCAA Champions, then they have to win in 2011-12."

Knowing what I know about Mullins, he will have his team ready. They will spend their afternoons perfecting their performances, but more than that, they will spend their college experiences learning how to be successful in life.

Having spent just an hour on the range last Friday, it will nonetheless go down as one of the most memorable experiences I have had during my time in college athletics. The fact that the coaching staff of the national champion Wildcats spent their time helping me understand their sport and letting me try it myself, speaks to the experience that Mullins has created for countless student athletes over the years.

Though Kentucky has just recently claimed the NCAA Championship, Mullins has been creating champions in life for more than 25 years. Sometimes people are lucky enough to find their true calling and where they can do the most good for others.


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