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Draft chatter heating up

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MBSK 09_10 UK_Ole Miss Web 09.jpgAs the May 8 date for underclassmen to withdraw from the NBA Drafter gets closer, talk about what Kentucky underclassmen Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones and DeAndre Liggins are going to do has clearly heated up.

First came comments Wednesday from Jonathan Givony of Draft Express on Twitter that suggested Jones could be returning to school.

"Could Terrence Jones go back to school?" Givony posted on Twitter. "From what I'm hearing that's a strong possibility. Would surprise a lot of people(.)"

Givony then dismissed the notion that there wouldn't be enough playing time for Jones or UK's incoming forwards if he decided to stick around.

"If Jones went back to UK, he'd be their starting PF," Givony wrote. "Gilchrist would play the 3, Davis at the 5. Plenty of minutes to go around for all."

Givony's comments picked up substance when Lexington Herald-Leader reporter Chip Cosby talked to Jones' mother. She told Cosby that her son will likely go all the way up until Sunday's deadline before making a decision on the NBA Draft.

"There really isn't anything new at this point," Linda Jones told the Herald-Leader. "I plan on talking with Terrence later (on Wednesday) to see what he's thinking, but no decisions have been made. He'll listen to what the coaches and (NBA) GMs have to say, and I think he'll probably use all the time that he has before he decides."

But perhaps the most interesting news of the day came from an Andy Katz story in which Calipari appeared to imply Knight was staying in the draft.

"Brandon got the confirmation that he wanted (that he should stay in the draft)," Calipari was quoted as saying in Katz's story.

The problem with that quote, of course, is that Calipari only said, "Brandon got the confirmation that he wanted." Make of it what you will, but Calipari did not specifically say the last part of the quote, hence the parentheses.

For what it's worth, there are no scheduled news conference for any draft announcements set for Thursday at the moment.

As far as how the much-talked about Kentucky Combine went, Calipari was pleased with the first-time event in a post he wrote for Calipari reports that two-thirds of the NBA teams were represented by 10 general managers, four assistant general managers and 10 player personnel directors.

"From all indication the Combine was a huge success," Calipari wrote. "Our players - Josh Harrellson, Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones and DeAndre Liggins - all got the information they needed ot make the most educated decisions for them and their families. From the on-court evaluations to the one-on-one interviews, our Wildcats were able to hear directly from the NBA personnel themselves."

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