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Madness tabbed one of nation's best sporting events

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Kentucky fans already know Big Blue Madness is one of the grandest, most unique spectacles in all of sports. The fact that 20,000-plus will show up for a practice says all you need to know about the passion for the event.

Writer Robert Tuchman recognizes Big Blue Madness in the in a recent book he published titled, "The 100 Sporting Events you Must See Live." The annual kickoff to the Kentucky men's and women's basketball season was one of 10 that made its way into USA Today.

Here is what Tuchman had to say about Big Blue Madness:

College basketball practice can't start until a designated day in mid-October, so players once took the court at midnight. Now, because of NCAA regulations, the action starts about 9 p.m. In Lexington, the event attracts more than 20,000 fans. "Kentucky does it better than any other school," Tuchman says. The Wildcats invite back former players for a huge pep rally and dunking contest. "It's something kids camp out for. If you do it as an adult, it will be one of those throwback nights to college." This year, it's on Oct. 15. 800-928-2287

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