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Coach Cal reflects on trip to Haiti

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David Scott over at has a great post on head coach John Calipari's trip to Haiti on Wedneday. Calipari traveld to the poverty-stricken country that was struck by a horrendous earthquake months ago to help aid the country's people in the long road to recovery.

Calipari, along with Urban Fitness' Royce Pulliam, UK Director of Basketball Operations Martin Newton and a group from the Samaritan's Feet organization, cleaned the feet of orphans at the New Life Orphanage in Sarthe, Haiti.

Sam Dick with WKYT traveled with Calipari on Wednesday and has coverage of the visit at

Here a couple of select quotes from Calipari's experience:

"I would say that the ultimate level of service leadership would be washing someone's feet," said Calipari Wednesday night, just moments after returning from the Red Cross-facilitated trip to the earthquake ravaged region. "That's what I did and I'm telling you, it was a very powerful experience."

There were a lot of kids there and you have to figure most of them lost their parents in the quake - they perished, " Coach Cal said. "It's heartbreaking stuff. But it's amazing how upbeat and brave all the people are. They're living in tents - a million people in tents - with no electricity and it's the rainy season so there are mudslides. It's just incredible."

"These people are resilient," he said. "They have a pride, but they're up against  it now, there's no question. Our driver said they're a bit stressed about the situation, but they have a smile on their face. They are well-kept and they have hope."

Calipari also has some thoughts on Thursday's NBA Draft in the post, including why he thinks this could be the biggest night in Kentucky basketball history. No joke. Read it all here.


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