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UK VB in Europe: Taking on Olymp Praha in Prague

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The Kentucky volleyball team is on a two-week trip to Europe as a part of the Bring It program. The Wildcats will have the opportunity to play seven matches against teams ranging from European professionals to junior national teams while experiencing the culture of five different countries. The team will blog about its experiences while in Europe. 

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Hey Wildcat Fans,

Thanks for checking in! We have been SO busy here in Prague the last couple of days. We played team Olymp Praha, a club team here in Prague, on Thursday evening and we lost in four sets. But today, we came back and beat Olymp Praha after a good night's rest and played very well, winning the match in four sets. The gymnasium is really old looking and definitely has a different feel than the gyms and arenas that the girls are used to playing in. It was really great to see the girls readjust and come back to win today.

As for the sightseeing, yesterday we woke up early in the morning and headed on our quest to the Prague Castle. We had to walk quite a ways from our hotel, but it was beautiful scenery. We walked through a park, up a steep hill, and at the top, could see just a beautiful skyline of Prague. It was truly a sight to behold. From there, we went to the tip top of Prague as we ascended up a 1/3 scale model of the Eifel Tower to get an even better view of the city. From atop the tower, you could see miles away and the entire city of Prague. One of the things our tour guide Jurka pointed out to us was the largest stadium in the world, which seats over 200,000 people. It was HUGE! After that, we headed over towards the castle which was really awesome. The architecture and art styles were unbelievable. It's unlike anything you can see in the United States. Inside the Castle is huge Catholic Cathedral that we went inside of and toured for a little while. Jurka said that it took 150 years to build.

After seeing the Castle, we came back down the hill and walked back over the Charles Bridge back into the Old Town Square where we were able to get some food and check out some more of the city. From there we came back and got ready for the match, which we lost. After the match we went over to a real Czech restaurant called the Czech Pub where Jurka ordered us five different dishes. The first was a potato dish with a cheese sauce. The second was fried cheese, similar to cheese sticks back in the U.S. The third dish was potato pancakes with chicken, mushrooms and onions, which was my personal favorite. The fourth was a goulash with bread and potato dumplings. And last was a dessert with ice cream, whipped cream, pancakes and fruit. It was really a lot of fun.

Today, we left at 9:30, while most of you were sound asleep, and hopped on another tram to head to the gymnasium for our second match. We were victorious today, which made both the girls and coaches very happy. Then the team talked and got pictures with the Czech team before we headed back to the hotel for lunch. Tonight, the girls will be headed for one of the biggest and most popular discos in Prague, which is a dance club. All of the girls are very excited about it. And then tomorrow morning at 8:30, we will be heading to our next destination, Vienna, Austria, then on to Maribor, Slovenia! Hopefully the rain won't follow us there! Check back in tomorrow, hopefully we I will be able to put up some more video and pictures of our journey. Thanks for checking in with us, and we hope everyone is doing well back home! GO BIG BLUE!!!

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